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Meetings with Jeremy

21st January 2012

Have you met my friend Jeremy?

The day I met Jeremy, we got locked inside of a dark room somewhere in the Scientology Celebrity Center. We’ve been trying to find new adventures in new cities ever since.

Jeremy is one of the kindest people that everyone who will ever meet him will ever know.

Heres some other reasons why he’s rad:

  • He makes the best mixes
  • His job includes climbing amps and rafters on a nightly basis
  • His only tattoo says “Pizza” and looks like it may have been done in prison
  • He gets along with nearly everyone, but he does have two arch enemies. AC Slater and Kenan Thompson
  • He owns every Belle and Sebatian record ever made
  • Hes moshed underneath the Eiffel Tower
  • His 4 Square pages’ only check-ins at Arbys and Planned Parenthoods around the United States
  • He has an irrational hatred for vegetables
  • He knows the extensive history of Doritos

Jeremy tours for most of the year, so when I get to see him, its sometimes only for hours at a time. Last time I had such an encounter with him was at FFF Fest, in Texas. With his knee newly fractured, we gimped away from the dust storm of a festival to eat BBQ’ed meats and with the only markers in my pocket an the back side of a childs menu, I made him fill this out

Jeremy’s band, Touche Amore, is touring Europe next month where you can probably find him running between a stage and a merch booth or desperately searching for American food and flat water.

Meetings with Jim

7th January 2012

I know its the weekend, and you’re probably over the thought of having meetings forever, but have you met my friend Jim?!?

Jim Mahfood is a rad artist living in Los Angeles

Jim is keen on:

  • dancing in public
  • mastering the art of playing “Happy Birthday” on the miniature harmonica
  • nicknaming his friends
  • going on food adventures
  • seamlessly blaring hip hop, jazz, and old punk records loud enough to start a party in his neighborhood
  • making killer mimosas even though he seldomly drinks them
  • the theory that its better to go back and find old music, than wasting time trying to discover new bands

I thought it would be interesting to write up a vague questionnaire for the people in my life to interpret as they’d like. So, while Jim and I were catching up, scribbling in our notebooks, and devouring milkshakes at Swingers, I decided to see if he’d like to be the first person to practice my ap-pal-ication idea with.

(side note: Jim typically refers to me as the Otter)

Along side making toys, comics, tagging bar interiors as a job, working on Tank Girl (!)and being an all around amazing friend, Jim also co-hosts The Beat Bees Sessions with Jane Dope! Its a podcast with the perfect mix of conversation and music (some of which is taken straight from my mixes. mmmmmhummmm)

All photos by Chloe Rice