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Tips To Being a Rad Lone Wolf

10th June 2012

The wolf who ate little red riding hoodie, is having a bad day.

He’s feeling lonely, hungry, and hasn’t felt like partaking in his favorite hobby (making claw wolf-n baskets) in weeks!

Since he doesn’t have anyone to ask howl he should be dealing with his problems, he lashes out.

If you ever feel the way the big bad wolf feels, or if you simply work alone from home and are left feeling alone and stir crazy, please refrain from lashing out. Its mean and everyone will compare you to a crazy person!

Instead of feeling lonely when you’re alone, why don’t you try some of these  tips instead?

Find a band you like and listen to a live album of theirs at full volume. Hearing and singing along to music that makes you happy is a great feeling, especially when you can hear other people enjoying it along with you. Plus, its not like you have to worry about missing what someone is saying to you if the music is too loud, so make it loud enough for even Helen Keller to hear! My personal favorite live album is this one by Squeeze.

Watch a sitcom. Sometimes the laugh track can be pretty annoying, but I strongly believe that the sounds of some ones laughter is subconsciously a bit more uplifting than the sound of you sighing out of pity and boredom.

Tell a knock knock joke. The next time you miss talking to someone, but have noting useful to say, try texting the term “knock knock”. Unless you only know lifeless dummies, you’ll probably get a text back that asks you the least stressful question that you’ll ever receive. “who’s there”. At that point, its a little easier to finish off your bad joke and start up a friendly conversation.

Choose DVDs over your Netflix queue. Since the end of Blockbuster, that extra step of leaving the house to make physical case wrapped movie choices, and following through with them, has made movie nights are more pathetic than exciting. Play pretend for a minute. Go through your dvd collection, pluck out 3 movies that you haven’t seen in a while and watch them as if you have NO other choice in movies for that day. Its fun to know that you don’t have to worry about the endless amount of options that movie streaming allows, nowadays. Sometimes its even fun to watch a movie with the commentary on. Its like the lonely people option that Netflix simply can’t compete with.

Get out of the house and find the store of drugs. Even if you have no friends and nothing to do, just get out for a minute or 10. Go to the drug store with 5 bucks and buy yourself something silly that you don’t usually get if you went to that place to just run errands. A pack of hideous cat stickers, a bottle of grape soda, a fun shampoo that you buy only based around how good it smells. Anything to make you excited about going back and getting some use out of your new present that only you would appreciate.