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Donut Forget That My Birthday Happened

27th May 2012

On May 10th, I took a break from my life full of unbirthdays, in order to have my ACTUAL birthday!

I’ve had some pretty fun birthday months, in my 20′s.

and although nothing can take the cake, this one took the doughnut and everything else!

At midnight on the 10th, Alex came into town, clutched his new laptop briefcase, and took me into my favorite place for late night quiet time/ daytime people watching.

Grand Central Station! Now, its given that I think Alex is the MOST pulchritudinous, but he is also most mindful and creative of all the retired break dancers in the land!

We got to the station and found a place on the floor to call our own. Alex then spun a series of numbers on his very serious looking briefcase. When the lock released, it was like he had placed a set of springs underneath a ton of party supplies. Birthday candles, cone shaped tiny hats, 5000 glittery bouncy balls, party blowers, a dinosaur banner, Robocop trading cards, imaginary friends, and more all flew into my lap in the middle of Grand Central Station.

They shut down all the Krispy Kremes in New York long ago, so he brought me a glazed one from California and lit candles. By this time, nearly all the late night commuters, homeless people escaping from the rain, and the cops who were alarmed by the flaming donut all gathered around our birthday party bubble and soon, this group of transient misfits were kind enough to sing me Happy Birthday! As soon as the strangers realized there was no fire, and no extra doughnuts, they dispersed and we continued our people watching party.

After the treats were eaten and given, it was time to make my new age official by signing a certificate of authenticity.

I now declare myself as 27 years of age! I also declare myself as possibly too blonde, lover of Pepsi products, supporter of old ladies with tiny dogs, and lucky to be surrounded by the people, pets, and plants in my life.