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This Time, Last Week.

27th January 2013

Alex and I went on a day-te last Sunday. We roamed around Utah hoping to stumble upon some hidden gem shops or strange people to befriend. Thats where the Mormon aspect of the town really came forward. Everything was closed on Sunday, and it was far too cold for even the craziest crazies.

After a bit of aimless driving, we worked up an appetite and stumbled into the nearest open restaurant for breakfast. It was a glorious stumble.We ended up at The Copper Onion. A brightly light, rustic themed restaurant that was unassumingly placed practically within the movie theater next door.

The best things I got out of our trip to The Copper Onion:

  • BBQ brisket on a biscuit with a fried egg and hollandaise
  • 4 dollar mimosa
  • shishito peppers

and seeing this face being constantly concerned with biting into a spicy pepper, within the bunch.


7th March 2012

The other day I got to go to the carnival! Well, a carnival themed restaurant at least.

Alex, myself, and a packet of googly eyes went for brunch at Straw in san Francisco.

I loved the mint colored ceiling and the creative use of mason jars

I fell in love with their creamy gritsand the waffle was delicious, tooit was so good that we totally stuffed our faces.

Indoor Activities With a Brunch of Friends

16th January 2012

I don’t know when I realized it, but I LOVE brunch time on weekends. The term “Brunch” always seems to make the eating into a full on activity and it’s the only time I get to catch up with my friends for the week.

Unfortunately, going out to eat anywhere on a weekend in New York, usually results in having my name on an hour long waiting list. Plus, I’m trying to stay on my “I need a new macbook” budget, and its kind of cold outside so all I want to do is hibernate.

The other week, my gripes about brunch resulted in an old favorite way of having breakfast at noon. Planted in front of the television watching cartoons!

It was such a nice morning, that I couldn’t wrist-ist sharing some photos from it.

I invited some friends over and asked them to bring cartoons and a box of cereal to share with everyone

for real. Everyone.

I highly suggest an indoor cereal brunch if you’re broke, have social anxiety, can’t get past the word “brunch”, or have been dying to have uninterupted conversations about Skeletor’s minions.