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Stumptown 2013

1st May 2013

Over the weekend, Alex and I drove up to Portland to partake in the Stumptown Comic Fest. We made a zine together full of nonsense about llamas. We called it a llamazine. Its my new favorite car. Heres some photos of our booth!

It was my first time doing conventions. It was so fun being able to sell the things I’ve had so much fun making, hanging out with my best friend all weekend, and putting ourselves into a sugar coma along the way.

My Day in the Park With Ellen Degeneres

25th October 2012

A couple of weeks ago, I was watching Ellen on TV and every time I watch that show, I do this self admitted slightly creepy thing where I imagine what it would be like if I were friends with her. We would pet cute dogs, iron our slacks together, and dance over tables while listening to Earth Wind and Fire.

I was telling Alex about this recurring fantasy of mine when he came up with the very thoughtful idea of going down to Burbank to ask her if she would like to dance over tables with me for real!

And so we took the journey to Los Angeles, snuck ourselves into where she works at Warner Bros Studios, and roamed around looking for her. After about an our of walking, my feet became tired so we found one of her golf carts that asked 3 things of us before we could take it for a spin.

After we laughed, danced, and art departmented, we were granted access to the Ellen Show cart. We drove it all around the WB lots and had SO much fun getting lost for a while. But there was still no Ellen in sight.I began to feel like we were never gonna find her and got a little bit sad. I think Alex sensed it, because when I turned to look at him he had a look of determination in his eyes that I had never seen before.

He pressed down on the gas pedal as hard as he could, and began screaming for her to pleeease come out and play! We were going a whopping 10MPH in a nice suburban neighborhood when we nearly ran right into a massive crane monster!

Then we laughed about it for a while, realized how silly this entire Ellendeavor was and spent the rest of the day roaming around movie lots, guardian-less. Jumping around and having fun even with out Ellen Degeneres, as we usually do!

I feel like I grew up a lot that day. (Like, seriously! LOOK AT THE DIFFRENCE BETWEEN ME AND THAT FULL GROWN WOMAN!)

And in the end, I did get to meet a real solid thing that probably knows Ellen pretty well. Her parking spot.

So if anyone asks, you just go ahead and tell them that I spent a day in the park with my new friend Ellen Degeneres, ok?

The Sea Wood Is The Worst Wood You Can Call Someone.

8th August 2012

I recently said that I was planning on shooting only film on my entire drive up from Oakland to Portland. Alex and I gave ourselves an entire extra day to plan out a drive up the coast, and through the Redwoods. Going through that area of a forest is way too vast and incredible to capture in a photo. Knowing this ahead of time, I challenged myself to leave my digital SLR so I wouldn’t be distracted by twiddling with settings in the middle of the most massive trees on earth!

Instead, I carried only a point and shoot with color film, and my La Sardina stocked with black and white film. I:

  • saw the biggest trees
  • felt the biggest gust of wind when I stuck my head out the sunroof to take photos on the road
  • got kissed by the biggest mosquitoes
  • gave the biggest hugs to the cutest seal
  • met the biggest baby black bear that crossed our path while we were trying to find the Rockerfeller Loop in the forest.

When we left the woods, we decided to take advantage of the last hour or so of daylight and perfect weather, by finding a beach to doodle at, during sunset. Growing up around Atlantic coast beaches, the idea of going to the beach was only half as exciting as the thought of just stretching my legs and scribbling out silly characters with Alex, but once we  parked along the blurred ground that divided rich dirt and pebbled sand, somewhere around Orick, CA, I was completely transfixed with my surroundings.

The only thing dividing a huge forest of trees and a fresh lakes of water, from an uninhabited beach of tiny peppery grain, little sand crickets, and crashing waves, was a thin mist of fog. We sat on the only piece of driftwood around, and helped incubate the turtle eggs that were nested underneath us. I don’t know how to avoid sounding like a hippy when I say that I will never underestimate the beauty of nature and an unknown beach again.

The Grey-test Anniversary

6th July 2012

Alex and I recently got to celebrate an anniversary together by going on a black and white date! We dressed in black and white and woke ourselves up with black coffee before heading out.

In the car, we turned on the 40′s station and listened to big band music for our hour long drive out to the beautiful Stanford Theater in Palo Alto, to see one of my all time favorite black and white movies, Sabrina!

What treat did we eat in the theater, you may ask….

Snow Caps, of course!!!

We both love using bold color a lot, but it was fun to talk about what some of our favorite things in the combination of black and white are.
Some of my favorite black and white things include:

What’s you favorite black and white combo??

Call it a Dayte!

20th June 2012

Last Monday, it was so nice in New York, that Alex and I took advantage before he flew back home to California. We ate lunch at a place I’d been meaning to try, took a walk through the park, and tried to find reasons to wear in my La Sardina.

We went to Jacobs Pickels on the Upper West Side, where you can choose from multiple different delicious root beers, the pickled appetizers are served in cute mason jars wedged into a block of wood, and the booths are so tall that you can dangle your feet through out the entire meal!

I ordered the shrimp and bacon cheese grits which was only a problem because now I want an order of it every day!!

I also may have had a fun time popping off their little heads, trying to use them as finger puppets…

and sacrificing the leftovers to this natural born krill-er.

Alex ordered the tastiest fried chicken that was topped with tons of thin fresh pickle slices and honey. Then was wedged between two buttermilk biscuits.

The restaurant was the best pickle I’ve ever gotten myself into.

Then we went to the little lake on the east side of Central park and got spied on by a toy sail boat that simply refused to boatt out!

We also had a few failed attempts at a staring contest. Like this one where we stared back to a time before technicolor

and the one where we stared into my La Sardina camera as I failed to keep it still with one hand.

Toward the end of the day, we almost got into a slight altercation with the MEANEST squirrel in all of Manhattan after he tried to assault a pigeon. In fear of having his family being half as cruel as he was, we left the park in fear and hid in a movie theater that was playing Prometheus.

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