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One Hour Photo: Utah adventure!

18th January 2013

9 AM: I challenged myself to taking a photo an hour, for an entire day. It happened to be on the day that we flew off to Utah to prepare for the Scumdance show!

10 AM: I was feeling like I had not yet really woken up, so I stopped into the airport Starbucks for a little pick-me-up

11 AM: Turns out I needed more coffee than I realized, so I tried my “little pick-me-up” shtick on the barista, who thought I was so clever, that she had to rename me!

12 PM: With my new name, I thought it would be a clevery joke to wait until the plane took off and give Alex a C cup. Dave caught on, and also handed him his D cup. What a boob! 1 pm: JOKES! I love Alex. I also love the little stirrer that came with this fancy adult drink.

2 PM: Around this point in my day, I lost an hour due to Southwests complimentary time travel service that you get from sitting in coach! However, I’m gonna overlook that and pretend its still 2pm, going on 3. I thought I had mentally prepared myself for the impending cold, after looking out onto the frozen lakes of Utah but I was wrong.

3 PM: It was an icy 20 degrees out in Salt Lake, but no one seemed to tell 2 of these three dudes.

4 PM: We were introduced to the most massive icicles we’ve ever seen. Still cold, by the way.

5 PM: I showed a real cute pup what I had made for the show, and she was excited to show me her art space, too!

6 PM: We snuck into Ikea to grab 100 frames for Alexs 100 paintings, for the show.

7 PM: We spotted the Ikea© Sasquatch running through the Ikea© forest, and left before he could attack us.

8 PM: I blacked out, so I don’t remember what actually happened around this time but I’m pretty sure a wall of the gallery got painted the same color of my memory.

9 PM: Alexs originals went from a stack, into 100 frames.

10 PM: Bilbo Baggins stopped by to help us set up, then told us it was probably about time to call it a day. I agreed.

That was my Wednesday! I spent it shooting and sewing up the final touches for my pieces in the Scumdance show (as photographed by Alex!) It opens tonight at Blonde Grizzly.

213 East 300 South

Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Come over and check it out, if you happen to be in SLC!

The Looking Glass

8th November 2012

OUR SECRET’S OUT, PETER! I’m SO excited to announce the new project that I’ve been working on with the people at Disney.

Yes! A little while back Disney asked me, along with several other unique photographers throughout the world, to come visit the Disney Parks and capture photos of all of the different parks through our own perspectives. The photos would then be curated on Disney’s very own Tumblr page. As a kid that grew up hoping to somehow magically just become Tinker Bell, I happily obliged!

I quickly packed up my digital camera, my Polaroid camera, a stack of construction paper, and some bubbles (a very fragile item by the way) and went down to Florida to venture throughout the Disney Parks that I remembered so fondly as a child. It was great to still have that same youthful excitement for life, but also having a little more technical knowledge on how to capture it in an image.

I made some great memories within my couple of days at Disney World:

  • I wrestled Chip and Dale for an acorn that I brought to show them
  • I got to watch old robot cartoons and sip on chocolate coke in an old car, at theSci-Fi Dine-In Theater
  • I got to fly around a garden with Peter Pan.
  • I watched an AT-AT lead a group of tourists to shelter from the rain
  • I had a very serious business meeting while floating through Its a Small World
  • I tried a top secret menu-less item at the 50′s Prime Time Cafe (peanut butter and jelly milkshake yummm!)
  • I creeped around the graves of the Haunted Mansion right as the sun came up and all the ghosts went back to sleep for the day.
  • I felt bad the the beautiful flowers never got to hold one of those iconic mouse eared balloons, so I made some especially for the shrubs.
  • I counted all the Duffy bears I could find, throughout the parks
  • I fell in love with all the flamingos at the Animal Kingdom, and named one of them Hubert
  • I used my wizard skills to make a blue serving tray look like the Sorceress Apprentice.
  • I got to dance with Donald Duck, who despite possibly having two left feet and being a massive bird, is excellent at the fox trot!
  • I got to hold all the balloons, in hopes of recreating a scene from UP!

And did SO much more!!!

Photos from these adventures and more are going to be unveiled on Disneys Tumblr page, throughout the next couple of months so keep an eye out for them by following DisneyParksPhotoProject.tumblr.com

Paper Cuts Over Perspiration

21st December 2011

The other day Alex and I were in my unheated apartment, shivering, with roughly a billion sheets of blank paper, a pair of glasses, the sun.

We were fucking FREEZING! Someone suggested getting a “sweater”(?) I don’t know what that is, but it sounds like a villain whos only power is to make you perspire. To which I say “Gross. No thank you.”

Anyways, out of desperation for heat, we nearly set the paper on fire but instead of being destructive, we found ourselves making the wiser decision to be constructive!

24 hours later, we had 100 copies of a ‘zine with the theme of “free”.

This free drawing lessons with Alex and free photos by me, along with free advice, free reviews, and free-dumb of speech and many other things are in our new zine!

Naturally, we’re giving them out for free on December 22nd (thats today, dummy!) at noon in front of Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn, NY.

Come by and get one from us in the Free-Zine cold! Hopefully Alex won’t have turned into an Alexicle and I will still be known as Chloe and not Snowy, by then.

As fun as freezing to death as a result of creating fun things your friend sounds, we’d rather not be swimming with the jellyfishes quite yet.


10th February 2011

the absurdly bright red wall I pass on my way to the train, every day.

rescuing more plants than I know what to do with

instant results


buy back drinks from Max Fish

this visual list of 1960′s Japanese cartoons

extra long shoe laces

leaving situations I don’t want to be in

seeing my reflection, unexpectedlyfacebook, for reminding me of a very different time in life

making mountains appear in flat urban areas

laughing out loud in public

aj’s impromptu drawing sessionsthe vent to my sidewalk that blows warm air that smells like fresh laundryflowers that bloom and die at the same time friends who’s jobs involve picking noses.

light houses. This one in Ohio may be my favorite one.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Himitsu no Akko-chan
  • David Bowies Hunky Dory album. According to iTunes, I’ve listened to “Oh! You Pretty Things” 22 times this week.
  • thick yet soft bed sheets
  • layovers in Atlanta
  • drinking papaya juice and watching people get drenched in the cold rain
  • my grandma for always worrying about me, no matter how silly the situation
  • watching people stumble into moving walkways, in airports
  • this photo that Molly Burkett took of me
  • learning something new and being up until dawn exploring its possibilities
  • flying out of Laguardia airport, and seeing a birds eye view of the entire city
  • Bottle Rocket “They’ll never catch me, man… because I’m fucking innocent”


Rest In Peace, 2010.

30th December 2010

This year was filled with things have permanently impacted my life. I never want to forget them. Heres a list of a few highlights:

  • My new Kitchenaid mixer
  • CANs Ege Bamyasi album
  • Learning about gardening
  • My weekend at Skate camp
  • Meeting my dad
  • Charlie, the pup
  • Discovering the shortest route to JFK by train
  • The clone tool, in Photoshop
  • Cowboy steak (steak marinated with coffee grounds, brown sugar, salt, and pepper)
  • The TWO times that chocolate almost killed my dog.
  • Northeast Kingdom brunches
  • Learning how to harvest marijuana
  • Valentines Day.
  • Learning to make my own jewlery
  • My kangaroo suit, that I got for my birthday (thanks mom!)
  • 5 hour long lunches on Tuesdays, with Bee.
  • Poaching eggs in tomato sauce
  • Learning that if you layer lipstick with powder, then another coat of lipstick, it’ll last much longer
  • Living room hang outs with James, on Chatroulette
  • Smoov-e
  • Hitting rocks that made unusual sounds

  • Learning how to edit videos
  • Ginger dipped in dark chocolate
  • Fracturing a rib, during a Mothers of Mercy/ Blacklisted show
  • Owning a chinchilla for a few months
  • Learning how to shuck oysters
  • Always getting a motivational push from Bettina May
  • Learning how to operate shot guts, handguns, and assault riffles
  • Working in a bakery
  • Creating the ShitJamesSaid twitter account
  • My trip to Ellicott City, MD
  • Not wearing pants at all for over a month
  • learning how to make royal icing
  • Knitting/ craft night failures with Sam
  • Finding the easiest way to clean a handheld blender
  • Eliminating boys who flirt by call me “tough guy” or “kid”, from my life.
  • Getting to see The Specials play, thanks to Smo.
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Going from the bar to the Today Show with Courtney
  • Phadwa
  • My dorky love for Veronica Mars
  • My introduction to Black Cat Espresso