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Adventures with the Marshalls: Disney World!

13th December 2012

Ryan Marshall has been one of my closet friends for nearly 10 years. We’ve watched each others lives evolve immensely, within that time span. For years, we drove around the world with friends and challenged each other to take the most captivating photos. From that, I got into photography. He eventually settled down in Florida while I settled with not settling down anywhere. I got to shoot his and Cole’s wedding and meet his daughter, Tessa, before she was barely old enough to open her eyes.

Every trip to the Marshall family household is so inviting and fun. Sharing experiences with them is always something that I look forward to. Thats why I was so happy to be able to tag along for Tessas very first trip to Disney World, last week!

I watched her point at movie posters, Little Mermaids, big mice that popped out of tea cups, and pretty much everything else she passed.