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Fashion Stoped Making Sense.

18th September 2012

Remember when David Byrne wore a gigantic suit to be silly? Well, between Prada’s new ads and the Burberry prorsum capes presented at the latest London Fashion Week, it seems that fashion likes to get silly too!

Although I’ll probably never wear these coats out, I still like seeing them on tiny models. I would like it even more if they carried around little stereos to public events with them.

Pet Sweat.

4th March 2012

These sweaters from left to right are made by AcneFilippa K, and Acne again.

I wish I had more pets so that I could buy them big floppy knit sweaters, try to dress them up, have the revelation that imaginary pets don’t need sweaters (and although I don’t either, I’d still find more of a necessity for them than they would), then feel justified in keeping said sweaters for myself.


Fashion Whaaak

16th February 2011

I always forget about Fashion Week until I get on the train around Bryant Park, and suddenly feel far more underdressed than usual.

All of the girls with massive chunks of fabric that seem to orbit around the, coats of makeup so thick that you can no longer see their skin, and teeeeeny tiny waists are suddenly surrounding me.

Lady, the face you’re making doesn’t help the argument of that thing around you is NOT just a huge fart bubble

I could gag at the things that pass as fashionable.

Did we learn nothing from the Jackson 5, outside of the bitchin’ music?!