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Its Questionable…

20th October 2011

My Tumblr page had an “ask” colum where I  recently received some questions (and extremely flattering compliments!)

neverforgetdreams asked: I love your photos! Do you have flickr?

I do! I’ve had a Flickr account for several years and my favorite use of it has been using it to make collections of my “how-to” photo projects.

You can check them out here

Wiki Petterson asked: I’m sooo in love with your friends, so nicely photographed !

Thanks! I am SO in love with my friends. They’re amazing and inspiring and they’re all fucking gorgeous! I am so in love with them that occasionally, while taking their photos, I will propose to them then capture a photo of their reaction.

I hedged my bets once and tried proposing to three friends at the same time and caught the perfect shot of how the response usually goes…

Geesebump asked: I love the graphic design you incorporate into your photography. Do you use illustrator?

Thanks! I started out using scented markers on my monitor, but when I realized that wasn’t quite working, I resigned to wiping off my computer screen and using mostly Illustrator, instead.

Although, I try to stick with my favorite medium as much as possible. Sharpies and nature.

Anonymous asked: hi,chloe! where do you get your polaroid 600 film?

When I heard Polaroid was going under, I bought and looted as much flm as I could get a hold of. Since I travel so often, my friends with eating disorders are always kind enough to let me keep my stacks of film and Diet Pepsi in their otherwise empty refrigerators.