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Watercolor of Water Lovers

15th March 2013

A little while back, I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for the very first time. I always hear about it being where all of the cute otters live, so I was very excited to meet a few of them in the fur! Unfortunately, when I got there, I was soon told that the otters were on vacation for a little while.

I came for the otters, but stayed for the fish! I discovered so many silly/ cute/ pretty fish that I never knew existed. They were so fascinating to me that I asked it I could paint their portraits, to which they obliged! Okay, so a bufflehead duck isn’t the same as a fish, but he was just so cute that I had to include him. He was a duck, that was black and white and seemed as if he was pretending to be a penguin. A baby duck….pretending to be a penguin. Can you think of anything more adorable?

Perhaps a sunfish who has half a fish body, real life googly eyes, and a permanent smile!

or a needlefish that looks kind of like a miniature swordfish with an eating disorder!

or a flounder who, in real life, is much grumpier and flatter that he was in The Little Mermaid.

I also thought that the leafy seadragon was the prettiest salad/ seahorse that I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Speaking of pretty, the white spotted jellyfish looked like it was wearing a cute polka dot hat and its fanciest tutu that would flutter, every time it started to swim.

Although all of my new ocean dwelling discoveries were appealing in there own way, no one was more excited about life than the skate. You may not think so, by just looking at him, as he slowly shuffles along the bottom of the ocean floor. But if you look at him for long enough, he will swim straight upward and show off he gleaming smile, and does a little dance with his tail. He’s a real camera loving nudist, so it was pretty easy for me to grab this shot of him, while I was there.