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A Darling Little Wedding

7th October 2011

Gala and Mike got married over the summer.

About time! (For the wedding AND the post about it)

The style in which the wedding was held was very “Gumba”, as Mike would say. Close family and friends came to the Brooklyn Bridge park where a short service was held, eyes watered up, Johnny Cash was quoted, and celebratory Cheerios were thrown. After, we all walked over to Grimaldi’s, where the bride and groom cut the pie.

It was a really cute wedding and I’m so happy I got asked to shoot it.

What I love most about Gala is her attention to details. She has a way of taking something very elegant and accentuating it with her unique and tasteful touch. Heres some shots of what I’m talkin’ about


Today, Last Month: My Review of Chicago

20th September 2011

I can’t believe it was around this time, last month, that Gala and I went to Chicago for the 20SB Summit. Since we were there for a pretty short amount of time, we had a lot of adventures to cram into our time off. I LOVED Chicago! I wish I could do an individual post about every single place I went but I will simply try to condense it as much as I can.

The plane landed way too early in the morning. As soon as my phone recaptured reception, I immediately began mapping out where Intelligentsia was.

oh, soy iced Angeleno, how I’ve missed your frothy kisses.

Once I was a bit more caffeinated, I was able to navigate our way through the city with the help of their tertiary colored public transportation system

Quimbys had the largest selection of ‘zines I’d ever seen. It took up a majority of the shop.

There was a lot of vintage shops to peak into. The term “vintage” is a very quaint expression for old, smelly, and overpriced, don’t you think?
This photo of my feet and someone’s old fancy dress was taken by Gala

The Boring Store was super creative non profit shop built up by 826CHI to help educate and offer creative writing to local kids.

Our friend Ben, is from Chicago and introduced us to Big Star. A Mexican food spot with delicious tacos. I couldn’t decide what I wanted, so I got one of each. Don’t judge the fat kid, please…

Across the street from Big Star, was the most vibrant unmarker wall I’ve ever seen. Ironically, inside was the most dimly lit bar I had ever been in. How Ben captured this shot of Gala and I, is beyond me.

I’m not going to lie. My ignorant punk heart was less than enthused on the thought of going to visit a huge chunk of corporate art. I’ve seen photos The Bean, and the amount of people that it reflected in the photos, gave me enough anxiety to want to crawl under my couch for hours. Luckily, I think the rain scared a lot of people away from being there that day. We kind of stumbled into the park and over to it. And it was AWESOME! One of those things that is only properly conveyed upon being there.

When I mention Chicago, I typically get barked at by friends, about this place called Kumas Corner. Now I know why. They make amazing burgers, named after amazing bands, and blair amazing music while you wait an slightly ridiculous amount of time for your food. I thought it was completely worth the wait to have the High On Fire chicken sandwich, though.

I knew it was my kind of place, as soon as I saw the amount of Cholula they supply you with.

It’s been a month since our quick stop in Chicago. Too long, if you ask me. I’m ready to go back.

Gala wrote a fun recollection of our trip up on her blog, as well


4th May 2010

Every so often I feel the need to jot down things that make me smile and really enjoy life. Its becoming nice to have a little timeline of them growing. I can look back and see how what was cheering me up then, has simply stuck with with me!

Heres a current list of things that I love:

  • The fact that the JFK Jet Blue terminal has a soda fountain! I get to mix as many sugary flavors as I want, hop into my window seat, and see how long I can go without peeing myself.
  • Bees flirt video
  • “I’m enjoying this Punk Rock/Domestic Goddess thing you are working recently.” -Frank
  • Vegetarian Wednesday inspired by this post on Salt and Fat.

photo by Chloe Rice

  • Frolicking around the financial district with Gala, who after years of friendship, we always seem to find more things we have in common than we thought. Like a mutual loathe for cats and bananas. It was also funny to find out that she calls salad dressing, sauce…..as in salad sauce.
  • Cowboy Steak: steak seasoned with coffee grounds, brown sugar, salt, and pepper
  • Wearing high heels to the grocery store

400 Blows


  • When portraits I’ve taken show up on Facebook in a row, like so.
  • Challenging myself to wear a dress for everyday of May.
  • Drawing a monster a day in my sketch book.
  • Sewing custom dolls for full-grown kids.

photo by Chloe Rice

  • Adorably dressed children, like Brixton (above)
  • Making my bed first thing, every morning. Its such a little thing that makes such a big difference when you walk into a room.
  • Finding out little household hits. Like, the water from boiled eggs contains minerals that can be beneficial for your plants. Or that a candle could be helpful while sewing.
  • Spending weekends traveling, to be completely out of my element.

  • Cat eye glasses from Cutler and Gross.
  • Crafting for a full on care package project with Bea!
  • Finally getting paid for these photos to document that I’ve sold out bought in.
  • Those animal crackers that are drowned in pink and white icing.
  • Waking up and reading a book in a hoodie and under-roos, from the balcony of my new bedroom.

self-portrait. May 2010

  • Experimenting with Photoshop and Tripods.
  • My new hair that Bee gave me for my birthday.
  • otters. Oh cute little otters!
  • Onesy pajamas!!!
  • Riding my bike over the Willamsburg Bridge for a doughnut.
  • Having a friend that will spot me for a doughnut after $20 bucks goes flying out of my pocket some where along the bike path.
    Mascara Wars by Irving Penn
  • Extreme Beauty in Vouge. A book of unique shots from Vouges most panty dropping photographers.
  • Steve Martin. He’s always been my comfort character. I wish he was my dad.
  • These well done storage solutions.
  • The Crass documentary: There’s No Authority but Yourself.
  • Movie quote nostalgia:

  • Chatroulette living room hangs with friends
  • iPad…


Phagwa not Foie Gras

13th March 2010

Gala, Krysti, and I welcomed spring by traveling out to the end of Queens, walked in a parade as the only snowflakes in the area, and got smothered in a sea of colorful talcum powders.

It was to celebrate Holi. An Indian word that translates to “festival of color”

The community would come up and cover you with these powder and water guns full of dyed water, and say “Happy Phagwa”

Due to my bad memory, I remembered the pronunciation of Phagwa, by thinking of one of my favorite meat treats, foie gras. mmmmm

Anyway, it was pretty fantastic adventure. The day became more amusing as we ventured further away from the parade and closer to Manhattan.

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