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Good Sprits

14th November 2012

Have you met my ghost friends? I made them in hopes that they would do a good job at spooking people for Halloween, but they’re just little ghosts with short attention spans, a love for:

  • the New York public transit station
  • bodega owners
  • male models
  • climbing trees
  • and the equally as legless Starbucks logo! Despite they’re resistance to scare people, I still think they’re pretty ghoul cool.

Hanging out with witches in Brooklyn

9th November 2012

Before Sandy, my pre Halloween treat days were going about wonderfully! I stocked up on witch fingers that I distributed to everyone I passed in my everyday life, in hopes that they would keep them on for the day. That means that out of the 4 elevator guys in my building, my grandma, the guy at the bodega downstairs, a couple of friends, and my dog, only my friend Jay was the only one who was stoked on walking around Brooklyn with me while wearing lady fingers for a day.

We liked our new fingers so much, that we wanted to continue our makeovers by trying on new faces, too! So we went into RePop in Willamsburg and tried on the spoooookiest old masks we could find.

We also stopped by Junk to play hide and seek amongst the piles of half broken furniture and to recreate some old sad family photos.

We worked up quite an appetite and decided to go to one of our favorite newer restaurant establishments. The Meatball Shop! At the Meatball Shop, they give you a laminated menu with tons of options, and a cup full of markers, so that you can mark off how you want your meatballs served to you!

No meal is complete without dessert! Luckily, theres a new candy shop in Brooklyn called Suckers the Sweet Cellar.  Trying to eat candy with witch fingers proved to be very difficult, since half of Jays candy corn ended up falling through the bench.So we took a break from the halloween hands, to enjoy the thought of New York covered in snow (caps) since we both would probably not be in town to see it in real life.

Monday Mix: Halloween Music!

22nd October 2012

I love that Halloween is approaching, finally!

Not just for the free candy, goofy made up subway goers, and the fun decorations. ITS ALSO A PERFECT EXCUSE FOR A HALLOWEEN MIX!

Last year, I was really excited about gathering a ton of music for my friends Halloween party, but I got distracted by Halloween Horror Nights, getting my grocery shopping done before I turned back into a pumpkin, and figuring out how to make foot high pink bunny ears that stay up while I jump.

This year, my life is much more in order because I am taking Conga Lessons, and although my friend is not having another party, I’ve still started accumulating the music I meant to give him last year, through out the month. So heres a couple of the songs I’ve gathered, put into mix form for you!

Download my Ghost Town Mix here!

How To Not Carve A Pumpkin

19th October 2012

I used to always say to myself “Judging by how poorly I stab a pumpkin in order to make a face, I would probably be a horrible murderer.” Thats about the time that I watched Blood Sucking Freaks and got totally inspired!

I grabbed a couple of drill bits, my drill, and a gutted pumpkin and ended up making a couple of fun pumpkin designs!

If you fail at that, punch a hole in that shit and you have a great excuse to wear a new hat!

tah dah! (photo thanks to the incredible Derek Woods)


4th October 2012

EK! I mean, BOO! I mean, WOO!  JUXTAPOZ posted some out takes from my photoshoots with the featured artists in this months issue of Juxtapoz magazine.

I had so much fun taking all of these photos that it was kind of difficult to choose ‘the one’ that would go into the actual magazine. So I’m glad that this post is up so that I can finaly share Daves stoic superhero outfit and Alex’s near perfect rendition of Samaras character in The Ring.

The non-outtakes (or “intakes” as they are never commonly referred to) are in the Halloween issue, out now!

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