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Meeting with Matt

14th January 2012

Haaaave you met my friend Matt?

Matt has the ability to start up a conversation with just about anyone because he’s genuinely interested in their story. Heres some other facts about Matt Novak that make him a fantastic person. Hes:

  • takes long walks on busy highways
  • Is Cee-Los biggest fan
  • Used to have a job that involved hiring flash mobs and keeping nothing but a single ladder in a massive storage room
  • Was never stabbed in his sleep
  • Uses rare books at coasters
  • probably knows more about the history of fighting robots, than you
  • has a way of making sadness not so sad
  • loves movies about making movies
  • makes an awesome bruschetta

I asked Matt to fill this out last time he let me occupy his couch, in LA. As I was writing it out, he was writing out something of his own for me to fill out, as well. A comment card asking how my stay at Hotel Novak had been.

In case you were wondering, my stay at Hotel Novak was fantastic experience and I highly suggest anyone planning on visiting Southern California to check it out!

Matt Novak is a fantastic writer. The bluntness and sarcasm that builds him as a unique individual, is neatly tucked into his pieces. Hes found a niche in writing about past predictions of the future and currently writes for the Smithsonian.