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17th January 2013

Did you know that villians bleed? It’s true! Even if they are made of computers, marshmallows, or Arnold Schwarzeneggers, all things have blood. Everything needs blood to make life because thats what they teach you in school.

Unfortunately, school has text books that lack this kind of vidal information about marshmallow blood, so I’ve taken the liberty of stitching together how I imagine villains blood probably looks if you were to zoom in reeeally close on its fluff.

Xenomorph, Stay Puft, Leatherface and a couple of other plush dolls I made will be up along side some amazing new villainous paintings by Alex PardeeDave Corriea, Skinner, Matt136John Wayshak and others for Scumdance!

Scumdance is an art show that displays the villainous scum of the silver screen,  in conjunction with Sundance Festival in Utah! Opening night for the show is Friday the 18th at Blonde Grizzly in Salt Lake City.

I’ll be there with my Zerofriends, on Friday from 6-10…ish so come out and say HAL-lo to us!

My Handmade Heart Felt Toys

31st May 2012

I recently started dedicating more time to making new friends! I’ve made friends with a lot of things that some people may consider a nuisance or too scary to even imagine becoming friend with. Turns out that all they need is some love to be able to show you their softer side.

Their softer side happens to be made of felt and up for sale on my Etsy shop!

If you feel like you make have a good home for an abominable snowman, a fun adventure for a shrunken giraffe, a healthy home for some cavity filled teeth, or a clean watering hole for some lampreys, you should check out the new friends I’ve sewn together!