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Outfit Anatomy: My Own Treasures

23rd November 2013

I’ve had the coziest wool shirt that I spent a little too much money on, for years now. I’ve probably worn it about 3 times because every time I put it on, it makes me look like I’m trying to cover up a baby bump. Its just expensive enough that I can seem to part with it, so every couple of months I try it on with something new in hopes that it’ll look the way it was intended to before I bought it and butchered its mystique by pairing it with different kinds of worn jeans. And the other day, IT WORKED!

I found a skirt that I nearly tossed because I forgot that it had been hiding out at the bottom of my closet, had it team up with the mumu shirt, and my favorite shoes and found my new favorite outfit!

Don’t you love when the saying “one mans trash is another mans treasure”, when it applies to future you and not some stranger that wants your sloppy seconds?

How Tuesday: Make Chia Seed Pudding

9th July 2013

How Tuesday

One day while drifting through Whole Foods I came across a free sample booth that had a lady handing out what looked like tapioca pudding and going on about all the things you can do with chia seeds. It was reminiscent to Bubba Blue giving that never ending speech on shrimp, in Forest Gump. I couldn’t get her to fess up on how she made this delicious pudding I was trying, so I grabbed a bag of these seeds, headed home, and began experimenting on how to make it. I’ve tried it using all different kinds of milks, sweeteners, and extracts and I think I’ve finally made my favorite one. I’ve illustrated the recipe so that you can make it too!


It’s best to leave this mixture in the refrigerator for, like, 12 hours to get the best pudding consistency. Right before serving it, I like to top mine off with a little extra teaspoon of agave.

Watercolor of Water Lovers

15th March 2013

A little while back, I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for the very first time. I always hear about it being where all of the cute otters live, so I was very excited to meet a few of them in the fur! Unfortunately, when I got there, I was soon told that the otters were on vacation for a little while.

I came for the otters, but stayed for the fish! I discovered so many silly/ cute/ pretty fish that I never knew existed. They were so fascinating to me that I asked it I could paint their portraits, to which they obliged! Okay, so a bufflehead duck isn’t the same as a fish, but he was just so cute that I had to include him. He was a duck, that was black and white and seemed as if he was pretending to be a penguin. A baby duck….pretending to be a penguin. Can you think of anything more adorable?

Perhaps a sunfish who has half a fish body, real life googly eyes, and a permanent smile!

or a needlefish that looks kind of like a miniature swordfish with an eating disorder!

or a flounder who, in real life, is much grumpier and flatter that he was in The Little Mermaid.

I also thought that the leafy seadragon was the prettiest salad/ seahorse that I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Speaking of pretty, the white spotted jellyfish looked like it was wearing a cute polka dot hat and its fanciest tutu that would flutter, every time it started to swim.

Although all of my new ocean dwelling discoveries were appealing in there own way, no one was more excited about life than the skate. You may not think so, by just looking at him, as he slowly shuffles along the bottom of the ocean floor. But if you look at him for long enough, he will swim straight upward and show off he gleaming smile, and does a little dance with his tail. He’s a real camera loving nudist, so it was pretty easy for me to grab this shot of him, while I was there.

How Tu-esday: Ham and Gruyère Pop Tarts

8th January 2013

Ok, to their more of a “turn over” than a pop tart, but pop tarts are just such a fun breakfast food that I these deserve that title, anyway!

I was in a bit of a bind when Christmas came out of nowhere this year, and I had offered to contribute a dish to a family full of cooks. Christmas eve is no time to brave the grocery store, so I used some things sandwich essentials I had in the refrigerator, along with some pre-made pie crust that I like to keep in the freezer. With this, I put together with what has now become my new favorite hand held meal!

It was so easy to make, that I didn’t even know how to take photos of the short process, so I drew it out instead!

Some great things about these ham & cheese pop tarts:

  • it takes nearly no time to make, for a ton of people
  • instead of baking them right away, you can freeze the pocket and thaw/ bake it on a later and lazier cooking day
  • you can add lot of things other than just ham and cheese. (examples: mushrooms, peas, bacon, macaroni!!)

To make about 15 of them, you’ll need these things

*You’ll also need a baking sheet and some parchment paper, but I forgot to add that doodle. Ooops!

Now, preheat your oven to 400 degrees and follow the instructions on how to make some pop tarts:

grate the cheese, dice the ham, and roll out the doughCut the dough into rectangles. Pile some ham and cheese in the middle of one rectangle of dough, then stack another rectangle on top of it.Seal the pop tart by pressing along the edges with the tip of a fork.

Separate the yolk from the egg, and lightly brush the egg white on top of the pop tart. (It’ll give it a nice glossy toasted look in the end.)

Place the pop tarts on a parchment lined baking sheet, and put them in a preheated 400 degree oven for 25 minutes, or until golden brown. Serve them with a little whole grain mustard and pat yourself on the back because you’re totally a baker, now!

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