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Deth Panda Music

9th November 2011

AJ and I were reunited today for the first time in over a month! When we hugged, it transformed us into our joint power animal known as the Deth Panda.

Deth Panda got crazy in the studio today and laid out some sweet beats.

If you don’t know that super hip industry lingo, that means I pretty much invited myself to his apartment, we ordered Thai food, wrote out some illegible lyrics, babbled into a mic, and tweaked things into an awesome noisy song that AJ swears is not dubstep…

HEAR’s the results:

I can’t wait to add this to our album along with our beat box/ jazz cover of Astronaut Jones!

Oh Joy!

22nd September 2011

Going on photo adventures

Finding photo booths, in the process

Animal kisses

Fat suspenders

my office space

Everything that the word MAC is abbreviated for

Learning more about toy cameras (thanks to Derek Woods)

Making the people I love smile

My grandmothers always well manicured hands

Polka dots; writing on steam; parallel parking challenges

Smuggling vitamins around like drugs

Driving alone though the country side and stopping to hang out in random places that I never could in the city. Like cow pastures!

Doing cartwheels down rows that appear endless.

Seafoam green and bright red

Chucking flowers at people in the park

Drawing Freddy Catguer where ever markers and paper are available

freckled faces

Charlies response to people that talk to her like a baby.