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The Anatomy of My Purse

4th June 2012

I would never be able to try and define my personality, but I feel like the guts of my purse do a pretty good job of doing just that. In my bag, this week, I’ve been wielding the following very important items:
  • My journal
  • A dog-cat bubble bottle/ whistle/ classy necklace from the flea market. (Best dollar I’ve ever spent in my life.)
  • iPhone with my homemade eye-phone case
  • 2 straws filled with delicious honey, for sugar ingesting emergencies
  • Some animals that I recently saved from the grocery zoo
  • My arts n crafts to-go bag*
  • Blistex deep renewal lip…stuff (It turns your lips into vanilla and velvet)
  • Bond No. 9 travel perfume (It turns your body into gardenias and marvel)
  • Metal tags from past visits to the Met (I cant wait to go back for a new colored tag and for the Impossible Conversations exhibit!)
  • Black cherry cough drops and the best kind of gum
  • Embossing label maker
  • Disposable camera, for capturing sleepy bums, pink and blue skies, poorly painted walls, and other things that just look better with film.
  • Yu Be hand cream (a glycerine based moisturizer that leaves my hands feeling smoother than chinchilla fur)
  • My wallet/ oversized Metrocard holder
*I seem to use the small bag within my bag almost more often that anything in the bag, itself. Its probably because its full of the following fun craft items:
  • Cute ice cream stickers, for making a boring note into a fun treat!
  • Embroidery floss, for sewing fun notes into hotel pillow cases and sneaking hearts onto Alexs’ hoodies
  • A metal crayon tin from FAO Schwarz. Right now, they have a ton of crayons to choose from and you can fill a tin up with 10 of your favorite colors. Its way fun! (Plus, opening it up on a warm day, smells SO good)
  • Assorted pens. (I am currently coveting Gelly Roll glitter pens and tiny tipped  Micron 005 pens)
  • White circle stickers to draw faces onto
  • My beautiful grandmas photograph because I always want her around me
  • Invisible tape (no ghosts were harmed in the making of this tape)
  • Assorted sizes of googly eye stickers to put on EVERYTHING!
  • Gregory Peck stamps, just in case I want to send out some handsome postcards
  • Nylon thread because its 1000 times sturdier than  the thread that comes in a travel sewing kit
  • Tiny scissors!
Things that were not featured in this post, that are usually on me, include the digital camera I shot these photos with and my keys, which I didn’t even realize were missing until the moment I set up the shot. Hmm…