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Later, Day

5th September 2011

Polaroid from my first beach trip of the summer(May 2011 in Malibu, CA)
Labor Day is such a finalizing holiday. Not only does it have some rude fashion rule over the color white, but it also marks the end of summer. What a bubble bursting holiday.

My contribution of the finalization that today brings, includes 2 things:

1) The final (also the first) “what I wore” outfit:

I don’t partake in these lady-like blog posts about the origins of my outfits because of several reasons. Mainly because I pretty much wear the same thing every day and its not very posh.

(photo credit to Gala Darling)

2) The final summer mix:

This morning, I tried to put together a pleasant mix of upbeat songs have a ‘winding-down’ tone to them.

Download it!