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Post New Year Post

3rd January 2013

Happy new year (or new bear)!!!

Although theres nothing that feels too different about 2013 yet, celebrating it is fun because it makes people reflect and think up ways that their lives can be even more exciting in a mere couple of months! And although new years resolutions are rarely brought into fruition, I love the idea of having them. Goals are pretty neat…

Every year, I’ve made a list of things, both silly and serious, that I would like to accomplish. This year, I started jotting them down in a brand new composition book and I’m really excited about starting to cross things off of that list!My goals for 2013 include:

  • Send postcards when I come across them
  • learn to sew a zipper
  • learn how to use Illustrator
  • make an awesome soup from scratch
  • learn to draw a brain
  • visit a brand new city
  • mark an average day, as one worthy of a special occasion
  • learn a new recipe
  • learn a new trade
  • don’t come in last at bowling
  • make a portrait of someone using construction paper
  • eat something green, everyday
  • write out my favorite part of my day, at the end of it
  • learn all the words to a rap song
  • wake up early enough to watch the sun rise
  • sleep outside at least once
  • make a video using a digital camera
  • dedicate a day to taking a photo an hour, once a month
  • save up for something I’ve really wanted
  • customize a pair of shoes
  • write a letter with my left hand
  • discover a hidden treasure
  • do a cartwheel in a different country

I’m really excited about both the present and the future!

How about you??

Tips To Being a Rad Lone Wolf

10th June 2012

The wolf who ate little red riding hoodie, is having a bad day.

He’s feeling lonely, hungry, and hasn’t felt like partaking in his favorite hobby (making claw wolf-n baskets) in weeks!

Since he doesn’t have anyone to ask howl he should be dealing with his problems, he lashes out.

If you ever feel the way the big bad wolf feels, or if you simply work alone from home and are left feeling alone and stir crazy, please refrain from lashing out. Its mean and everyone will compare you to a crazy person!

Instead of feeling lonely when you’re alone, why don’t you try some of these  tips instead?

Find a band you like and listen to a live album of theirs at full volume. Hearing and singing along to music that makes you happy is a great feeling, especially when you can hear other people enjoying it along with you. Plus, its not like you have to worry about missing what someone is saying to you if the music is too loud, so make it loud enough for even Helen Keller to hear! My personal favorite live album is this one by Squeeze.

Watch a sitcom. Sometimes the laugh track can be pretty annoying, but I strongly believe that the sounds of some ones laughter is subconsciously a bit more uplifting than the sound of you sighing out of pity and boredom.

Tell a knock knock joke. The next time you miss talking to someone, but have noting useful to say, try texting the term “knock knock”. Unless you only know lifeless dummies, you’ll probably get a text back that asks you the least stressful question that you’ll ever receive. “who’s there”. At that point, its a little easier to finish off your bad joke and start up a friendly conversation.

Choose DVDs over your Netflix queue. Since the end of Blockbuster, that extra step of leaving the house to make physical case wrapped movie choices, and following through with them, has made movie nights are more pathetic than exciting. Play pretend for a minute. Go through your dvd collection, pluck out 3 movies that you haven’t seen in a while and watch them as if you have NO other choice in movies for that day. Its fun to know that you don’t have to worry about the endless amount of options that movie streaming allows, nowadays. Sometimes its even fun to watch a movie with the commentary on. Its like the lonely people option that Netflix simply can’t compete with.

Get out of the house and find the store of drugs. Even if you have no friends and nothing to do, just get out for a minute or 10. Go to the drug store with 5 bucks and buy yourself something silly that you don’t usually get if you went to that place to just run errands. A pack of hideous cat stickers, a bottle of grape soda, a fun shampoo that you buy only based around how good it smells. Anything to make you excited about going back and getting some use out of your new present that only you would appreciate.

The Anatomy of My Purse

4th June 2012

I would never be able to try and define my personality, but I feel like the guts of my purse do a pretty good job of doing just that. In my bag, this week, I’ve been wielding the following very important items:
  • My journal
  • A dog-cat bubble bottle/ whistle/ classy necklace from the flea market. (Best dollar I’ve ever spent in my life.)
  • iPhone with my homemade eye-phone case
  • 2 straws filled with delicious honey, for sugar ingesting emergencies
  • Some animals that I recently saved from the grocery zoo
  • My arts n crafts to-go bag*
  • Blistex deep renewal lip…stuff (It turns your lips into vanilla and velvet)
  • Bond No. 9 travel perfume (It turns your body into gardenias and marvel)
  • Metal tags from past visits to the Met (I cant wait to go back for a new colored tag and for the Impossible Conversations exhibit!)
  • Black cherry cough drops and the best kind of gum
  • Embossing label maker
  • Disposable camera, for capturing sleepy bums, pink and blue skies, poorly painted walls, and other things that just look better with film.
  • Yu Be hand cream (a glycerine based moisturizer that leaves my hands feeling smoother than chinchilla fur)
  • My wallet/ oversized Metrocard holder
*I seem to use the small bag within my bag almost more often that anything in the bag, itself. Its probably because its full of the following fun craft items:
  • Cute ice cream stickers, for making a boring note into a fun treat!
  • Embroidery floss, for sewing fun notes into hotel pillow cases and sneaking hearts onto Alexs’ hoodies
  • A metal crayon tin from FAO Schwarz. Right now, they have a ton of crayons to choose from and you can fill a tin up with 10 of your favorite colors. Its way fun! (Plus, opening it up on a warm day, smells SO good)
  • Assorted pens. (I am currently coveting Gelly Roll glitter pens and tiny tipped  Micron 005 pens)
  • White circle stickers to draw faces onto
  • My beautiful grandmas photograph because I always want her around me
  • Invisible tape (no ghosts were harmed in the making of this tape)
  • Assorted sizes of googly eye stickers to put on EVERYTHING!
  • Gregory Peck stamps, just in case I want to send out some handsome postcards
  • Nylon thread because its 1000 times sturdier than  the thread that comes in a travel sewing kit
  • Tiny scissors!
Things that were not featured in this post, that are usually on me, include the digital camera I shot these photos with and my keys, which I didn’t even realize were missing until the moment I set up the shot. Hmm…

Oh Joy!

17th November 2011

Photo by Derek Woods

I’m such a happy lady, lately! I don’t even know where to begin on explaining how I’ve achieved this ultimate joy, since its always the little things that do it, so I’ll start with a true story of one of those said things:

I was in Los Angeles a few weeks ago which involves a lot of highway driving. I don’t mind the driving/ traffic involved in these drives. Its more the highway scenery in LA that bothers me. Its so drab.

On one occasion, a friend and I were getting ready to exit the highway when we hit some unexpected traffic. As we drove closer we noticed a bunch of cars slowing down and swerving out of the way for what, at a distance, appeared to be a ton of tiny animals hopping along the highway.

As we became close enough to be the car that needed to dodging the moving objects, it became apparent that these moving objects were an assortment of different bouncing balls!! I kid you not! Footballs, basketballs, dodge balls, tiny hot pink bouncy balls, those translucent colored balls that are usually in Target and are too light to really throw. SO MANY COLORFUL BOUNCY BALLS ON THE 405!!

We both looked at each other and just started laughing at how surreal the situation was.

Now whenever it gets quiet for too long I like to break the silence by saying to him

“Dude! Remember that time we played dodgeball in traffic?!?

Heres some other things that I love about life:

Camouflaging my jewelry with my phone

Knowing that someone’s there to catch you, if you fall

Fish eyes that cover fake eyes that cover real eyes

When hidden cameras capture amazing moments

When people aren’t afraid to speak up and spell things out for you

Memorable talks during long car rides

Pizza parties!

Going to Grand Central Station at the rare time when it is almost completely silent

The smell of melting crayons

Pretending to be scary

Challenging someone who is holding back a smile

Huge clusters of objects

When my friends get random and ridiculous to get a rise out of me

Turning things into monsters

The artificial color of blue that radiates from swimming pools

Eating food so good that your stomach becomes bigger than anything on your body and you nearly explode!

Christmas lights that don’t get used around Christmas

Pretending to be an animal.

Especially if being that animal involves jumping!

Being able to act as a helpful assistant

Unnecessary illustrations

Freshly painted nails

Going to old diners with retro architecture (this one was Googie!)

Seeing something worth taking a second look at

The feeling of honestly not caring what anyone thinks of you

Books with lots of old images

Being destructive without causing harm

The Hollywood Reservoir

Hanging out in the shade in the middle of a sunny day

Doing the Bernie (photo also by Derek Woods)

Honerable Mentions:

  • Matte gray nail polish
  • Ceremonys show on a bridge in Austin
  • The feeling from sucessfully swatting a fly
  • Mini brownies from Le Pain Quotidien
  • Alex‘s Gummeow cat stickers!
  • Singing along to the ultimate 90′s songs
  • Finding something you almost paid full price for, in the clearance section
  • The Pomplamoose song about a monster mask
  • Being the very first people in the line at a theme park
  • Leaving dinosaur noises for people as their voicemail
  • Creating milkshake (Nutella, malt powder, and mini marshmallows is the best one yet)
  • Creating meals (Roscoes chicken, mac & cheese, and a touch of maple syrup placed between two waffles is crazy good)
  • Going to the beach at night
  • Having serious talks on swingsets
  • Being complimented on a mix you’ve made
  • Staying up until late because I’m taking jokes too far and loosing track of time
  • Disneys Haunted Mansion around Halloween
  • The narcoleptic robot that you pass in line on Star Tours at Disney
  • Churros (tastes like Cinnamon Toast Crunch on a stick)
  • The Family Circus with blank pannels
  • People watching at costume parties
  • Halloween, because its when guys need help with their makeup and I find that so silly
  • Staying in theme parks until they close
  • Laughing before getting out of bed
  • Making functional robots
  • ICP documentaries
  • Being the only person left in an airport
  • Really blue cleaning solutions
  • Voice memo texts
  • Stonys pizza truck in Austin, TX
  • Writing the letter “f” in cursive
  • Frigid Shortcomings by Ink & Dagger
  • Realizing you’ve broken in something made of leather
  • Special choose your own adventure comics


14th November 2011

Back around Halloween, my friend Derek and I went on a hunt around the artificial pumpkin patches of Los Angeles for the perfect sized pumpkins to carve and place on our heads.

The process was really simple and fun…and a bit of a mess.

Derek documented the process I used to make mine, with his iPhone.

Heres how to fit yourself for a pumpkin mask:

  1. Cut the pumpkin as if it were a slice of pie, from the bottom to midway up the back of where you plan on the face being
  2. Rip out its pumpkin guts (do NOT eat them raw. It tastes like organic garbage vomit) and scrape it until its shallow/ lightweight
  3. Try fitting your head into the pumpkin.
  4. If it doesn’t fit at first, cut WIDER but not higher to the stem of the pumpkin. (I say this because Derek cut his pumpkin head too high up and had a hard time keeping it from falling off.)

A series of poor choices are illustrated in this image, actually…

Heres some tips on making your face:

  • Cut 1 hole where you think an eye should go
  • put the pumpkin on your head, and mark where you plan on cutting the other with the assistance of a pen and a mirror.
  • The less space you cut open, the less people can see your face, the creepier the head becomes.

Wearing a pumpkin mask is SO fun! You can do so many things in disguise like:

Get all of your shopping done*

Practice your football tosses in the house

Go on a hot date.

Take fun photos

Get too drunk on your date and cry because no one can see you!

Photos by Chloe Rice

*Photo montages taken by the toy camera wizard,  Derek Woods

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