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oh Joy! Post Utah post

24th January 2013

I just got back from Utah, the other day. I love SLC and almost wasn’t ready to leave. It got down to a mere 5 degrees on our last day there. It was nice to have a warm car to run into and a warm house to go back to and a warm heat pack in my pocket at all times. I’m glad I got to play in snow, this winter. It makes me feel like I got my first real seasonal change in for the year!

To coincide with the first day of the independent film festival, Sundance. I went to Utah with my mega artistic friends to be part of the Scumdance art show. The Zerofriends crew does an annual show in Salt Lake, and I’m so honored to have been a part of the show this year. I loved overhearing people trying to guess what character I had made was supposed to depict and was super inspired to keep creating, because of it.

All of our art from Scumdance is up to be purchased, on Blonde Grizzly’s website, by the way.

Heres some other things I love about life:

Kids suitcases! They make trips to the airport instantly less drab. They’re also so tiny and unforgiving of stretch space that they tend to stop me from overpacking.

The gradual color change in glasses of Thai ice tea

Basements! Its like having an extra house under a house. And sometimes basements even include ping pong tables!

Alexs melty face

Crushed ice. It feels like eating clean snow.

Having a simple solution for “bad head days”

Tiny foods

Tiny drinks

Having someone who wants to help you achieve your goalsPeople watchingHolding warm cups on cold days.

This song…or maybe the video. I actually don’t know what it is about it that I like, but I do. Probably because I’m white and don’t really understand rap music.

Honorable mentions:

  • Arglye tights
  • Hand written notes
  • Rediscovering old music
  • Movie nights
  • Frozen chocolate chips
  • iFont maker
  • Alexs nice write up about my dolls
  • Looking forward to new seasons of tv shows
  • Coming up with a URL that hasn’t been taken
  • Writing your signature perfectly
  • The 1 second everyday app
  • When a dog rolls over so you can pet its belly
  • Kicking up snow
  • When you get a good game of ping pong started
  • Hires burgers and root beer floats

Good Sprits

14th November 2012

Have you met my ghost friends? I made them in hopes that they would do a good job at spooking people for Halloween, but they’re just little ghosts with short attention spans, a love for:

  • the New York public transit station
  • bodega owners
  • male models
  • climbing trees
  • and the equally as legless Starbucks logo! Despite they’re resistance to scare people, I still think they’re pretty ghoul cool.

I Love NY

9th October 2012

Today I return to New York for a week of New York Comic Con adventures, followed by a couple of weeks of packing up my apartment, for a big move! I haven’t been home in nearly 4 months and theres a couple of things that I’m really excited about doing and seeing while I’m there.

My dog Charlie. I had my grandma watch her when I was supposed to go on a trip. I ended up being gone for about 5 hours, but haven’t been able to pry Charlie and my grandma from each other ever since. At least I still have photos of our fun times together and visitation rights!

Riding my bike! I obtained a new bike about a month before I last left the city. I had so much fun riding up and down the West Side Highway that I nearly forgot that I was doing something good for myself while also saving money on cab and subway fares.

Charlie yawning! Have you ever tried touching a dogs tongue while it’s yawning? Do it. Its the cutest.

Juice bars I’ve been searching high and low for a place in Northern California that offers an array of freshly squeezed juices outside of Jamba Juice. It’s made me feel like a real snob but I honestly had no idea that getting overpriced liquidly vegetable concoctions was a craze that didn’t really go beyond the lovely hypochondriacs and male models that concur the streets of New York.  I’m really excited about visiting Liquiteria and downing a large glass of “The Killer” (green apple, double serving of ginger, lemon & cayenne. YUM!)

The colors! There’s no avoiding the slightly unnatural palette of colors that is spread through out the city. I’m excited about walking down the street and seeing the three tones of paint that it took to poorly patch up a graffitied gate and the chairs that are just trying to fit in with the rest of Union Square.

Charlie! Sometimes, she gets real jealous of inanimate objects and sticks her nose someplace on my face that makes everything completely awkward, just for attention. As if an iPad is ever going to out-cute a whimpering ball of fluff.

Papaya hot dogs! I’m not a hot dog fan, but that statement is a complete lie only for the 5 minutes that it takes to eat the most satisfying street food thats ever existed. I grew up on them, so everything just seems to pale in comparison I guess. The yellow counters, the tiny plate that barely holds those crisp salty dogs, and the lack of communication and eye contact that is involved with the guy behind the counter, all make me feel like I’m really home.

oh hey there, you cute little thing.

My friends!! I’m so lucky to have people in my life that are happy for me, greet me with a witty insult and take one in return, and are always ready to just pick up where we left off, no matter how much time has lapsed between visits.

Secret underground establishments. The city is so dense that everything is stacked on top of/ below everything else. Bars that you can still smoke in, cheap thrift shops, even ninja toy stores!

My view! There are aspects of my apartment that I’m not a huge fan of, but they all seem to drift away whenever I look out the window. From 17 floors up, I love seeing the morning fog reveal the layers of building, withered water towers, and stacks upon stacks of windows. Its totally dreamy. Like Andrew Keegan was in Teen Bop…but more atmospherical.

Have I mentioned Charlie? Shes got a great rack.

Cab access. I love knowing that 24 hours a day, there is always going to be a cab that I can hail down and argue with over my use of a credit card, if I need to.

Smoke Stacks. All throughout the city, huge orange tubes are visible from avenues away. I didn’t realize how unique it was to just see the street imitating a bong, until I left the city where there are none of these things puffing arou-

-heyyyyyy ya poodle. How’d you make it into this part of my post?

Green tea and fudge swirl ice cream! I love and miss this combination of flavors from Sundaes and Cones so much! I sometimes dream about it when I’m awake and driving. Unlike the ice cream, that is not the best combination.  I also haven’t been back since they finally opened Big Gay Ice Cream. The truck was SO tasty and hard to track down that I’m really excited to find them anchored to a store front (Monday Sundae, feed me your diabetes)

Broadway shows. My love for musicals really shines through when I go into a Broadway show….like pretty much any show….and and totally transfixed within 20 minutes. Sometimes, if you just show up 20 minutes before the show, the pretty much give you a ticket just to fill up the theater. Although its not exactly a musical, I’ve been wanting to catch Relatively Speaking since it opened over a year ago. Its directed by John Turturro and features stories from Woody Allen and Ethan Cohen. How could it be bad?

just sayin’

Waiting for the train. Waiting for the train is a great excuse to reorganize my bag, challenge myself into making a playlist as fast as I can (or at least until the next train shows up), and to watch how ticked off people can get just by pointlessly looking into a dark tunnel and their watch, almost simultaneously.

Riding the train! I miss the people watching, the kids bold enough to lick the poles for no good reason, trying to hold my breath when the person next to me is eating a banana, and trying to suck in the air when they’re drinking their morning coffee.

Defaced trash. There’s just so much ridiculous defaced trash, that its…ridiculous.

Hanging out at Grand Central Station The glossy floors, the high ceilings, the hallow echo of hundreds of people stressfully walking from one end to the other. I love it all! I could sit there for days, if the cops would just believe that I’m not a hobo looking for shelter.

Brooklyn! I like the slightly less crowded streets, the rows of streets lined with pretentious coffee shops, and the groups of friends in the park that are too hip to admit just how hip they are.

Dog parks! The abundance of dog parks in the city makes television seem as exciting as watching a stain lift from a carpet. Theres so many dogs, that the parks are even separated into 3 diffrent parks for big pups, medium pups, and small pups. Charlie isn’t really great at socializing with the pups in her category. She much prefers the big ones.

She’s so damn cute. I should just kidnap her, already…

Best Independence Day Since the Movie.

20th July 2012

The other day, someone asked me what I did for the 4th of July and I exploded with excitement, when I got to relive my road trip from Oakland to Portland through memories. I hadn’t gotten to share the photos, until now. Better late then pregnant!

I went up with Alex and our friend Skinner and Kristie. Our drive from one land to another was full of fun hillbilly pit stops, pretty views of forests, off beat air drums, and massive cinnamon buns.

Heaven on Earth has one goal as a restaurant, and its to bestow diabetes upon all of the travelers of Oregon.

On a the ride up I also learned about new metal bands, that you can get pickles with your fries at In n Out, and that BLT potato chips exists and were made by bacon gods.

Being in that car so long started making us a bit stir crazy so by the time we arrived, we practically bursted out of the little red vehicle and onto the streets of downtown Portland.

We went to a party that was stocked full of massive explosives

And beer hoses made of body parts.

But we didn’t show up empty handed, exactly. We supplied monster monster truck!

and the sparkling swords!

It was a night full of people playing with fire.

We even got scolded for having too much fun, as usual.

My favorite way of celebrating the 4th of July, was through color schemes. I dyed my hair blue, stayed as pale white as I could, and got hugged by this boy in the red sweater all day!

Call it a Dayte!

20th June 2012

Last Monday, it was so nice in New York, that Alex and I took advantage before he flew back home to California. We ate lunch at a place I’d been meaning to try, took a walk through the park, and tried to find reasons to wear in my La Sardina.

We went to Jacobs Pickels on the Upper West Side, where you can choose from multiple different delicious root beers, the pickled appetizers are served in cute mason jars wedged into a block of wood, and the booths are so tall that you can dangle your feet through out the entire meal!

I ordered the shrimp and bacon cheese grits which was only a problem because now I want an order of it every day!!

I also may have had a fun time popping off their little heads, trying to use them as finger puppets…

and sacrificing the leftovers to this natural born krill-er.

Alex ordered the tastiest fried chicken that was topped with tons of thin fresh pickle slices and honey. Then was wedged between two buttermilk biscuits.

The restaurant was the best pickle I’ve ever gotten myself into.

Then we went to the little lake on the east side of Central park and got spied on by a toy sail boat that simply refused to boatt out!

We also had a few failed attempts at a staring contest. Like this one where we stared back to a time before technicolor

and the one where we stared into my La Sardina camera as I failed to keep it still with one hand.

Toward the end of the day, we almost got into a slight altercation with the MEANEST squirrel in all of Manhattan after he tried to assault a pigeon. In fear of having his family being half as cruel as he was, we left the park in fear and hid in a movie theater that was playing Prometheus.

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