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Monday Mix: Halloween Music!

22nd October 2012

I love that Halloween is approaching, finally!

Not just for the free candy, goofy made up subway goers, and the fun decorations. ITS ALSO A PERFECT EXCUSE FOR A HALLOWEEN MIX!

Last year, I was really excited about gathering a ton of music for my friends Halloween party, but I got distracted by Halloween Horror Nights, getting my grocery shopping done before I turned back into a pumpkin, and figuring out how to make foot high pink bunny ears that stay up while I jump.

This year, my life is much more in order because I am taking Conga Lessons, and although my friend is not having another party, I’ve still started accumulating the music I meant to give him last year, through out the month. So heres a couple of the songs I’ve gathered, put into mix form for you!

Download my Ghost Town Mix here!

Put the Pedal To No Metal Music.

24th June 2012

I recently inherited a bicycle, just in time for summer. I’ve owned many bikes in my past, but none as thin and light weight as this one. It seems to make a big difference in how often I want to ride it. Which is all the time, by the way!

My favorite part of riding, has been going up inclines through the park. I love the struggle to make it up a hill that seems never ending. I love it because, when I do finally get to the top, I then get to enjoy the reward of going downhill as the wind cools me off and I stand on my pedals knowing that it is the closest moment I’ll ever come to flying.

Riding my bike has also given me a perfect atmosphere to listen to a certain kind of music that in other situations may come across as really low energy and kind of sad.

I made 2 mixes of music that I’ve been enjoying while I ride my bike. If you’ve been taking advantage of summer bike rides, maybe you’ll enjoy them, too!

Download my Uphill Mix here

Download Downhill Mix here

Don’t Ruin My June!

2nd June 2012

Happy June! I love June! Its a month with great weather, long summer hours at theme parks, and no holidays to stress about.

I won’t allow anything ruin my June! Not the fact that I have no idea which state is holding the box thats holding my passport, nor the fact that Mallomars have officially been pulled from the grocery shelves until next year.

To start my month off right, I did the following three little things:

  • Restarted all of my electronics even though I didn’t have to
  • Challenged myself to finish 2 massive bottles of water in an hour
  • Made a mix of music that bring back good memories of Junes from my past

Download my mix here!

Inspir-Spring Mix

28th March 2012

The weather is only getting slightly warmer and I’ve already prematurely spent money on cute summer dresses and time on some spring time mixes.

I thought I’d share one that makes me want to do fun spring-like things such as:

  • De-clutter my belongings
  • Play catch with my dog and see who gets bored first
  • Drive and make a left turn in hopes that it will lead me someplace I’ve never been

Download mix here

All Wrapped Up

3rd January 2012

Happy new year! For me, 2011 was awesome! I got to travel and be introduced to so many amazing new people and new adventures and new music!

Some highlights (and photos I took) in 2011 included:

  • Walking around Chicago in the rain
  • Trying migas for the first time in Austin, TX
  • Jumping on tons of other peoples beds
  • Surviving the Rapture
  • Surviving Los Angeles
  • Having something I started in New York, get displayed all the way in Norway

  • Screaming until my throat burnt when Halloween came around
  • Having two of my photos put into a gallery show
  • Having my photo published in AP magazine
  • Teaching myself Illustrator enough to start playing with my food
  • Breaking my addiction to Puzzle Quest
  • Finally getting a big kid WordPress blog up
  • Creating the perfect cookie recipe

  • Learning the easiest and most efficient way to clean out a blender without a sponge
  • Finding fun things to make out of hand turkeys
  • Going to Disneyland twice!
  • Learning how to break open a sea urchin and eat its fresh delicious insides
  • Being introduced to Death
  • Learning how to curl my hair with a flat iron
  • Creating a fake religion
  • Learning how to let go of jerks

  • Learning to draw with light
  • Learning how to make .gif files
  • Embracing the humor from being sporadic and random
  • Being in New York for a hurricane scare, after having lived in Florida
  • Singing silly songs
  • Dancing silly dances
  • Videoing silly videos
  • Getting through hard times with the help of packs of cigarettes, whiskey, and Matt
  • Getting through my enjoyment for whiskey and chain smoking immediately after that
  • Renewing my passport
I’m SO excited about 2012. I’ve been compiling a list of goals for the year. Some are serious but most are silly. I did it last year and didn’t even realize that I not only accomplished almost everything I had written down, but I’ve become in love with the things I challenged myself to do.

One of my goals for 2011 was to order something off of a menu that I couldn’t pronounce. Because of this, I now LOVE guanciale! Now I always find myself ordering unknown things off menus.

Some silly ones for 2012 include:

  • Take at 10 photos with my 35mm camera that I’m really happy with
  • Try new teas
  • Make a new hoodie that fits me perfectly
  • Walk around barefoot in a place where I probably shouldn’t
  • Do a cartwheel in a different country
  • Make something fun with stop animation
  • Take pictures of intimidating strangers
  • Learn to use a pogo stick
  • Play hide and seek with a ton of people
  • Take part in an activity thats fun and will make it sweat profusely
  • Host an event that involves making invites and party favors

In 2011, I made a mix for myself every month. It consisted of new music that was shared with me, songs that I forgot how much I loved, songs that I could never get enough of, ect. The other day, I made 2 compilations of the music I pulled from those 12 individual mixes as an ultimate mix of songs that will remind me of 2011, to share with you!
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