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Making a Splash at Lake Dolores

6th March 2012

I LOVE water. Its one of my favorite things to drink and bathe in.

While I was telling Alex about my admiration for water, he blew my mind by telling me about these parks that are filled with them!

So the other week, we decided to fly from our respective homes, meeting in Las Vegas and going on a road trip in search of a water park.

We were told about a place about 2 hours west of Vegas called Lake Dolores. The drive was easy enough, it just took a little back peddling off of the highway to get to and it was SO worth it to go on an off season, like we did.

We found a great parking spot

and walked up to see that they had changed the name of the place.

There was a huge lack of staffing, which we assumed was probably due to the bad economy. Undeterred by this fact, and the unusual appearance, we entered.

The best part of going to a water park on an off season is that there are no lines!

It was so much fun in the park that I almost didn’t realize that there was almost no water…

While we were there, Alex and I played some video games and even made a new friend who lived in a near by bog!

at first, our new friend seems a little…timid

but after he warmed up to us a bit, I guess you could say he had a pretty good sense of humor.

I had a great trip to Lake Dolores and didn’t want to leave but Alex and I are planning a trip back to have water park picnic real soon.