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Dela-ware I Shot The Flaming Lips

12th August 2012

Ever since I worked inside of Milk Studios over the last New York Fashion Week, I’ve been incited by their lifestyle based blog, Milk Made. So when I was asked to go take photos around the first official Firefly Festival, in Delaware, I was excited to work with them again and maybe be able to document people having fun in a state that I had only previously associated with Waynes World.

The festival was great! Hot air balloons filled the skies and I periodically got to fly up in them to see confetti spewing from the stage and onto the crowd. The fair grounds had delicious unique food vendors, 4 main stages, and a cozy little forest that divided all of them. The forest was like a magical nap area for those who didn’t care to hear whatever music was going on at the time. They had used the trees to built a bunch of wooden swings and an anchor for several hammocks.

Firefly Fest was 3 days long and although it was great to see the bands, find grass wedged into my camera bag for the weeks that followed, and see the sights of Delaware, my favorite parts were making paper crafts, seeing old friends, and witnessing the Flaming Lips live. It was the most colorful, exciting live show I’ve ever seen! Heres some photos from my weekend in Delaware.

While I was there, I made the largest functioning paper airplane I’ve ever made!

I met tons of girls that looked like the came out of The Wizard Of Oz

A lot of the musicians yelled and threw things and although I loved that…some of my friends did not.One of the food vendors sold a delicious combo of chicken and waffles and nobody got fat afterwards…because of all the arm raising exercises that were involved in the festivities!

The festival was full of wild animals and rare flowersand rare cases of missing pants!Wayne must have been warned of there scary rarities ahead of time, because he kept his personal bubble with him through out the entire festival.

The Sea Wood Is The Worst Wood You Can Call Someone.

8th August 2012

I recently said that I was planning on shooting only film on my entire drive up from Oakland to Portland. Alex and I gave ourselves an entire extra day to plan out a drive up the coast, and through the Redwoods. Going through that area of a forest is way too vast and incredible to capture in a photo. Knowing this ahead of time, I challenged myself to leave my digital SLR so I wouldn’t be distracted by twiddling with settings in the middle of the most massive trees on earth!

Instead, I carried only a point and shoot with color film, and my La Sardina stocked with black and white film. I:

  • saw the biggest trees
  • felt the biggest gust of wind when I stuck my head out the sunroof to take photos on the road
  • got kissed by the biggest mosquitoes
  • gave the biggest hugs to the cutest seal
  • met the biggest baby black bear that crossed our path while we were trying to find the Rockerfeller Loop in the forest.

When we left the woods, we decided to take advantage of the last hour or so of daylight and perfect weather, by finding a beach to doodle at, during sunset. Growing up around Atlantic coast beaches, the idea of going to the beach was only half as exciting as the thought of just stretching my legs and scribbling out silly characters with Alex, but once we  parked along the blurred ground that divided rich dirt and pebbled sand, somewhere around Orick, CA, I was completely transfixed with my surroundings.

The only thing dividing a huge forest of trees and a fresh lakes of water, from an uninhabited beach of tiny peppery grain, little sand crickets, and crashing waves, was a thin mist of fog. We sat on the only piece of driftwood around, and helped incubate the turtle eggs that were nested underneath us. I don’t know how to avoid sounding like a hippy when I say that I will never underestimate the beauty of nature and an unknown beach again.

I Wuz Here.

26th October 2011

This has been my week, in polaroids.

Holding the photos that I’ve taken, after the fact, when they’ve lost all of their context is the most peculiar and exciting part of shooting.

I makes me realize that I find myself in some very unusual places.

Like, right now, I’m typing this from underneath the floorboards of Vincet Prices old mansion.

Thats only half true.

The Price is right…