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Oh Joy! (the birthday edition)

12th May 2011

Photo by Jeremy Bolm

Giving inanimate objects face lifts

Looking for waterfalls and finding boulders

Friends who will climb, jump, and make me laugh
Driving to the beach
Birthday notes! (thanks Jorge!)

birthday cards from fellow font snobs

Birthday wishes from babies!

Waking up early and reading outside before the street and neighbor sounds start for the day.

impromptu bedroom ice cream parties

Hiding from the sun in silly suits

being able to walk around barefoot

Boozed up kangaroos

death metal graffiti


good mexican food

Waiting for trains to pass in the middle of nowhere

Having a food truck pot luck, from Din Din A Go Go

Tours of Burbank. (why yes, that IS the house from Fresh Prince of Bel Air)

My ridiculous family


Counting down the days until my other half arrives!

Harassing James until he does the same!!!