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I Love Collecting Photos Of Strangers

27th July 2013

I love taking photos of new people because I everyone is so unique that every photo I get that I’ve never gotten before is as fulfilling of a collection to me as stamps are to old men and police reports are to Amanda Bynes.

 No matter how many times I do it, theres always something exciting and scary about taking photos of strangers. I never want them to look contrived and I hate the rejection of someone saying that they don’t want their photo taken. Actually, I think its not the rejection as much as its the difficulty I have restraining myself from trying to convince them that they look awesome and should totally have their face or hair our outfit or laugh documented at that very moment, and instead just saying “oh, okay. Sorry then” and moving on. Its a really fun practice of interaction every time I shoot an event. I’m in a room full of people that are aware that they’re going to be looked at and are prepared (and even sometimes excited) to have their photo taken! It’s liberating!  The last event I got to shoot was for the opening of artist Sylvia Ji’s Mexican Textile inspired show that the FFDG Gallery in San Francisco. The bay are is full of real fun characters and I got to collect shots of a lot of them, to share in my own way!

 Check out some photos I took from the event on the FFDG site!

A Traditional Eves Eve

24th December 2012

I’m spending my first christmas on the west coast, this year! Growing up, my favorite Christmas things to do were:

  • ice skating in Rockefeller Center
  • going to see the Radio City Christmas Show with my grandma
  • playing in the snowy parts of the street that were fenced off for trash bins, since those were the parts not yet soiled by dogs.

Despite the fact that I’m in warm California, I’ve already covered those Christmas traditions the best I could:

  • Alex and I went ice skating at an outdoor rink in our neighborhood
  • You could now watch the Radio City Christmas Show on Netflix, and feel like you’re in New York from anywhere!
  • In California, they call their snow “rain” and there was a ton of it to run around in, this weekend.

And I’m starting to make new ones in my new home. The two of us are celebrating our little Christmas, on Christmas Eve. This means that Christmas Eves Eve was pretty significant thing to document.

I watched Christmas movies, decorated cards, wrapped gifts, cuddled pups, made dinner, stitched stockings, and drove around looking at peoples intricate house lights.

I like the idea of traditions. Starting new ones and sticking to old ones. Do you have any holiday traditions, of your own?

My Favorite Smile

7th September 2012

I LOVE this photo of jazz percussionist, Red Norvo. Like, so much. It looks like he just got surprised by the cutest puppy attached to 100 balloons. Or just discovered a 10 foot tall hot fudge sundae. (Yeah, so maybe I miss my dog and haven’t eaten sugar in far too long)Even though Norvo passed away in 1999, this photo still makes me happy for his happiness because its timeless and contagious.

Open mouthed smiles generally make me pretty happy. Even if they’re contrived and uncomfortable. Heres some that I took of my friends (and myself) that still make me giggle.

Advulture Time!

5th January 2012

Last month, Alex and I followed some mutant birds around New York as they went on a hunt for adventures! And what fantastic adventures they had!

They terrorized the post man and stole Amazon packages to remind them of their home land.

The found a good coffee shop for a mid day swoop-me-up

They slayed everyone that challenged them, at the arcade.

Luckily, I had my camera with me to document the things I saw. 

Shortly after following them, Alex ran home to paint what hes pretty sure vultures think about when they dream.

Tomorrow, in Oakland, we have a show displaying some souvenirs from our adventures in following some bird brained adventures. If you’re in the area, you should go check out  our photos and paintings!


A Small Collection of New Paintings and Photos by Alex PardeeChloe Rice

Zerofriends OAK Downtown Oakland

489 25th St. Right in between telegraph and broadway.

Friday Jan 6th between 6-9pm

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