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The Anatomy of My Purse

4th June 2012

I would never be able to try and define my personality, but I feel like the guts of my purse do a pretty good job of doing just that. In my bag, this week, I’ve been wielding the following very important items:
  • My journal
  • A dog-cat bubble bottle/ whistle/ classy necklace from the flea market. (Best dollar I’ve ever spent in my life.)
  • iPhone with my homemade eye-phone case
  • 2 straws filled with delicious honey, for sugar ingesting emergencies
  • Some animals that I recently saved from the grocery zoo
  • My arts n crafts to-go bag*
  • Blistex deep renewal lip…stuff (It turns your lips into vanilla and velvet)
  • Bond No. 9 travel perfume (It turns your body into gardenias and marvel)
  • Metal tags from past visits to the Met (I cant wait to go back for a new colored tag and for the Impossible Conversations exhibit!)
  • Black cherry cough drops and the best kind of gum
  • Embossing label maker
  • Disposable camera, for capturing sleepy bums, pink and blue skies, poorly painted walls, and other things that just look better with film.
  • Yu Be hand cream (a glycerine based moisturizer that leaves my hands feeling smoother than chinchilla fur)
  • My wallet/ oversized Metrocard holder
*I seem to use the small bag within my bag almost more often that anything in the bag, itself. Its probably because its full of the following fun craft items:
  • Cute ice cream stickers, for making a boring note into a fun treat!
  • Embroidery floss, for sewing fun notes into hotel pillow cases and sneaking hearts onto Alexs’ hoodies
  • A metal crayon tin from FAO Schwarz. Right now, they have a ton of crayons to choose from and you can fill a tin up with 10 of your favorite colors. Its way fun! (Plus, opening it up on a warm day, smells SO good)
  • Assorted pens. (I am currently coveting Gelly Roll glitter pens and tiny tipped  Micron 005 pens)
  • White circle stickers to draw faces onto
  • My beautiful grandmas photograph because I always want her around me
  • Invisible tape (no ghosts were harmed in the making of this tape)
  • Assorted sizes of googly eye stickers to put on EVERYTHING!
  • Gregory Peck stamps, just in case I want to send out some handsome postcards
  • Nylon thread because its 1000 times sturdier than  the thread that comes in a travel sewing kit
  • Tiny scissors!
Things that were not featured in this post, that are usually on me, include the digital camera I shot these photos with and my keys, which I didn’t even realize were missing until the moment I set up the shot. Hmm…

My Kodak Moments

5th May 2012

I’m so glad that there’s almost always been a camera around to capture some of my lifes most captivating adventures but ever since Kodak filed for bankruptcy, back in January, I can’t help but be a little stressed that soon some of these moments may not exist in the same way.

However, my optimistic mindset has kept me thinking of how to make the most out of what little time I may have left with a dumb ole’ plastic camera. So with disposable Kodak camera , a consistent sugar high, and a vivid imagination, I spent the past couple of months taking in some Kodak moments. Heres three of my favorites for my personal album:

The moment that I met the very photogenic Michael Jackson.

A moment from when I got captured by a demanding bear with a fetish for PDA.

And the moment in which I realized that I will never be able to look up someones pants.

11 Facts About Pee…I Mean Me.

11th November 2011

Everyday, I will encounter multiple things and places that spark a memory or an emotion that are uniquely my own. However, when asked on the spot about pretty much anything that defines me as a person, I constantly draw blanks.

The other day, I got a note from my amazingly crafty homemaker friend Bea asking me to share some facts about myself through Instagram. Although at that moment the request left me starring at a crack in the wall, trying to think of anything about myself that was even remotely interesting, I was excited about coming back to this self serving idea.

Even when I was just a wee emotional nugget back on the LiveJournal farm, no one had ever involved me in one of these silly survey-esque things. This was to be a new first!

So yesterday, when my alarm went off, I gathered up some supplies and went about my day of errand running with a plan. To stop along the way, write out personal facts that I was reminded of as they hit me, and take a photo of the fact along side the thing that triggered it.

I packed the following fact documenting items:

  • scissors
  • markers
  • composition book
  • photos that didn’t turn out quite right
  • artist tape
  • and a fully charged iPhone (& Hipstamatic app)

Since its now 11/11/11, and I’m pretty much an 11 year old with a bank account, I figure its fitting to share 11 random facts about myself!


8th September 2011

Jumping on beds

colorful subway stations
When Jim Mahfood puts me into awesome scenarios

BBQ brisket

impromptu birthday parties

with tiny cakes

Japanese photo booths


Spotify! I’m not positive that I fully understand it, but I’m enjoying it so far

When Smo decides to dedicate his entirety to acting more metal


Going to the park despite the rain

vicious eaters

Visiting New York landmarks with people who get stoked about it

Later, Day

5th September 2011

Polaroid from my first beach trip of the summer(May 2011 in Malibu, CA)
Labor Day is such a finalizing holiday. Not only does it have some rude fashion rule over the color white, but it also marks the end of summer. What a bubble bursting holiday.

My contribution of the finalization that today brings, includes 2 things:

1) The final (also the first) “what I wore” outfit:

I don’t partake in these lady-like blog posts about the origins of my outfits because of several reasons. Mainly because I pretty much wear the same thing every day and its not very posh.

(photo credit to Gala Darling)

2) The final summer mix:

This morning, I tried to put together a pleasant mix of upbeat songs have a ‘winding-down’ tone to them.

Download it!

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