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Outfit Anatomy: My Own Treasures

23rd November 2013

I’ve had the coziest wool shirt that I spent a little too much money on, for years now. I’ve probably worn it about 3 times because every time I put it on, it makes me look like I’m trying to cover up a baby bump. Its just expensive enough that I can seem to part with it, so every couple of months I try it on with something new in hopes that it’ll look the way it was intended to before I bought it and butchered its mystique by pairing it with different kinds of worn jeans. And the other day, IT WORKED!

I found a skirt that I nearly tossed because I forgot that it had been hiding out at the bottom of my closet, had it team up with the mumu shirt, and my favorite shoes and found my new favorite outfit!

Don’t you love when the saying “one mans trash is another mans treasure”, when it applies to future you and not some stranger that wants your sloppy seconds?

My Outfit Anatomy

8th February 2012

Tomorrow marks the beginning of Fashion Week here in New York and I’ve been lucky enough to be asked to help cover the festivities for Tumblr and Milk Studios, so expect to see a lot of photos of pretty people appearing on my Tumblr page!

I don’t know how I lucked into covering such a high end ordeal, because I would consider my “style” a cross between a bum, a grandfather, and a degenerate from 1995 but I’m going to go ahead and embrace that mix as I frolic through tents and buildings for the next seven days.

If you happen to see me and my camera out and about and want to say hi and give me high fives, heres what I may be wearing!

My hat was made for me last Christmas by Reggie. It was specially made, in black, for our loveably big headed friend Handroll. I loved it so much that I asked for one of my own, but its so big, that its now usually held onto m head with a slew of bobby pins.

I got my sweater for a buck from some crazy old man who was selling a garbage bag full of clothes in front of a Rite Aid in the upper west side. I cut up a Black Flag shirt that I’ve worn to the point of no return, through out the years, and attached it to my sweater with some thread and safety pins

After my personal struggles with my favorite English shoes now being made in China, I finally caved and bought a new pair of Docs. Although the leather is a little weaker and the eyelets are made of plastic and not metal, I can get behind the fact that they cost half the price. Also, I broke them in within a week without bleeding from my heel!

It was a windy 20 degrees, when I put the self timer on a pile of abandon Christmas trees and shot these photos and although I don’t wear a winter jacket, heres the secret to how I kept myself warm.

I’m excited to see how other people plan on keeping themselves warm while showing off their fancy outfits, this week!