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Remembering Outside Lands

18th August 2013

 Over the weekend, I fought the wind, fog, and rouge hackey sacks to shoot the music and art festival Outside Lands. I took lots of photos and heard lots of new music and tried the most expensive coffee! I was in charge of taking photos of the art that was curated by Juxtapoz and sprawled though out the festival, as well as centered on a triangular set of walls that had live painting going on every day.



5 Faces of Outside Lands

13th August 2013

 I spent my weekend in the Golden Gate park taking photos of the music and art festival Outside Lands. Its the perfect amount of outdoorsy-ness for me. Theres constant music, nice people, and artisan food vendors and every turn to go along with the woodsy atmosphere.

I have tons of photos I’d like to share from the festival, but for now, heres 5 portraits I took though out the weekend!