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Art Baseling

14th December 2014

DSC_7139 copy

I’ve always wondered what Art Basel was, but was never willing to cough up the money to fly to FLORIDA, rent a car, find a hotel, and roam around Miami just to find out that it may be nothing more than a series of random objects placed under presentation lights to be called “conceptual art” and sold for more money than I’ve paid in collected years of living in a New York apartment.

Luckily, a perk of living in Disney World, is that I am a mere 4 hours away from Art Basel. Thats only 4 incredible episodes of Serial and 3/4th a tank of gas away from home! I was lucky enough to have Alex in town visiting me, so when I got off of work on Friday and came home to him painting and it sparked the question “What do you want to do tonight? Should we go get some BBQ and watch The Babadook at home, or drive to Miami and see what an Art Basel is?” We bounced around that half formed conversation that couples seem to do when being together is more important than whatever atmosphere they’re together in do and said “I’m up for whatever you want to do” in all the different ways it could be said before I cut the conversation short to shove a dress and a pillow into my overnight bag, and said “lets go to Miami!”

I’m so glad we took that short drive down to the Wynwood district because it the most inspiring thing I’ve seen in a long time. Street art on every wall, people dressed in summer clothes in budding season of winter, and amazing food (by food, I think I mean Panther coffee. So much Panther coffee).

We walked up and down the streets of Wynwood for 7 hours before gathering enough inspiration to make that 4 hour drive home seem way too long. All we wanted to do is get back to our hub of gauche paints, wood panels, photoshop software, and camera equipment and start creating!

Heres a couple of shots I got from our trip. I’m already planning out how I’m going to shoot it next year, now that I have a feel for it. Any volunteers are open to apply to help me out, a.s.a.p. :)

DSC_6986 copy DSC_6987 copy DSC_6988 copy DSC_6990 copy DSC_6992 copy DSC_6993 copy DSC_7053 copy DSC_7134 copy DSC_7163 copy DSC_7180 copy DSC_7181 copy DSC_7190 copy DSC_7204 copy DSC_7208 copyDSC_7189 copyDSC_7213 copy DSC_7222 copy DSC_7231 copy DSC_7240 copy DSC_7249 copy DSC_7251 copy DSC_7256 copy DSC_7262 copy DSC_7263 copy DSC_7269 copy DSC_7273 copy DSC_7276 copy DSC_7281 copy DSC_7283 copy DSC_7285 copy DSC_7289 copy DSC_7297 copy DSC_7321 copy DSC_7326 copy DSC_7338 copy


Oh Joy!

17th November 2011

Photo by Derek Woods

I’m such a happy lady, lately! I don’t even know where to begin on explaining how I’ve achieved this ultimate joy, since its always the little things that do it, so I’ll start with a true story of one of those said things:

I was in Los Angeles a few weeks ago which involves a lot of highway driving. I don’t mind the driving/ traffic involved in these drives. Its more the highway scenery in LA that bothers me. Its so drab.

On one occasion, a friend and I were getting ready to exit the highway when we hit some unexpected traffic. As we drove closer we noticed a bunch of cars slowing down and swerving out of the way for what, at a distance, appeared to be a ton of tiny animals hopping along the highway.

As we became close enough to be the car that needed to dodging the moving objects, it became apparent that these moving objects were an assortment of different bouncing balls!! I kid you not! Footballs, basketballs, dodge balls, tiny hot pink bouncy balls, those translucent colored balls that are usually in Target and are too light to really throw. SO MANY COLORFUL BOUNCY BALLS ON THE 405!!

We both looked at each other and just started laughing at how surreal the situation was.

Now whenever it gets quiet for too long I like to break the silence by saying to him

“Dude! Remember that time we played dodgeball in traffic?!?

Heres some other things that I love about life:

Camouflaging my jewelry with my phone

Knowing that someone’s there to catch you, if you fall

Fish eyes that cover fake eyes that cover real eyes

When hidden cameras capture amazing moments

When people aren’t afraid to speak up and spell things out for you

Memorable talks during long car rides

Pizza parties!

Going to Grand Central Station at the rare time when it is almost completely silent

The smell of melting crayons

Pretending to be scary

Challenging someone who is holding back a smile

Huge clusters of objects

When my friends get random and ridiculous to get a rise out of me

Turning things into monsters

The artificial color of blue that radiates from swimming pools

Eating food so good that your stomach becomes bigger than anything on your body and you nearly explode!

Christmas lights that don’t get used around Christmas

Pretending to be an animal.

Especially if being that animal involves jumping!

Being able to act as a helpful assistant

Unnecessary illustrations

Freshly painted nails

Going to old diners with retro architecture (this one was Googie!)

Seeing something worth taking a second look at

The feeling of honestly not caring what anyone thinks of you

Books with lots of old images

Being destructive without causing harm

The Hollywood Reservoir

Hanging out in the shade in the middle of a sunny day

Doing the Bernie (photo also by Derek Woods)

Honerable Mentions:

  • Matte gray nail polish
  • Ceremonys show on a bridge in Austin
  • The feeling from sucessfully swatting a fly
  • Mini brownies from Le Pain Quotidien
  • Alex‘s Gummeow cat stickers!
  • Singing along to the ultimate 90′s songs
  • Finding something you almost paid full price for, in the clearance section
  • The Pomplamoose song about a monster mask
  • Being the very first people in the line at a theme park
  • Leaving dinosaur noises for people as their voicemail
  • Creating milkshake (Nutella, malt powder, and mini marshmallows is the best one yet)
  • Creating meals (Roscoes chicken, mac & cheese, and a touch of maple syrup placed between two waffles is crazy good)
  • Going to the beach at night
  • Having serious talks on swingsets
  • Being complimented on a mix you’ve made
  • Staying up until late because I’m taking jokes too far and loosing track of time
  • Disneys Haunted Mansion around Halloween
  • The narcoleptic robot that you pass in line on Star Tours at Disney
  • Churros (tastes like Cinnamon Toast Crunch on a stick)
  • The Family Circus with blank pannels
  • People watching at costume parties
  • Halloween, because its when guys need help with their makeup and I find that so silly
  • Staying in theme parks until they close
  • Laughing before getting out of bed
  • Making functional robots
  • ICP documentaries
  • Being the only person left in an airport
  • Really blue cleaning solutions
  • Voice memo texts
  • Stonys pizza truck in Austin, TX
  • Writing the letter “f” in cursive
  • Frigid Shortcomings by Ink & Dagger
  • Realizing you’ve broken in something made of leather
  • Special choose your own adventure comics