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How I Greated My Trip To Portland

23rd July 2012

I’ve been to Portland, OR a couple of times, but never without an agenda planed out for me. Which is probably a part of the reason why being able to walk around the city on a perfect summer day, during my last visit is one of my favorite trips there, yet.

Portland was really great because of their:

great reading material

great record finds

from great record shops

great couples

great coffee

from great coffee shops

great toy finds

from great toy shops

great Mexican food restaurants

great fresh air

great photo booth results

great art shows for their first Thursday art walks

great big doughnuts

from the greatest doughnut shop

great beds for jumping

and great company to share it all with.

Oh Joy!

3rd May 2012

I’ve passed the public library in Bryant Park for a majority of my life just remembering the one time I went in there looking for a book, getting lost in jumble of stairs and hallways, and leaving feeling defeated.

The other day while passing there with Alex, I pointed out the fact that it was the building from Ghostbusters. Alexs face lit up and the next couple of minutes were spent standing in the cold while he tried to capture the massive structures appeal into his tiny phone. The next day we went back with notebooks, pens, paper, and tiny scissors. We spent the day in the library drawing and writing on top of 100 year old thick wooded tables, trying to restrain laughter, and following helpful hand drawn maps to simply find the restrooms.

I love finding places in the middle of such a loud and congested city that are a safe haven for high ceilings, bright sunshine, temperature control, and silence. I love replacing memories of defeat with better ones.

Someday I want to make a list of all the things I’ve failed at, and try them again. Its hard to think of how different my life would be if I gave up after I first felt defeated by:

  • chopsticks
  • photoshop
  • understanding the appeal of Sade

I love giving things in life a second chance. Heres some other things I love in my life, right now:

Bun-less burgers

Putting things down on paper before saying it

Old comic book covers

Top left to bottom Right: Running around in my brand new Converse high tops after two years of wearing nothing but Doc Martens and high heels; Cute tupperware, Posing like Lionel; ridiculously bendy straws

Being aware enough to know when I’m hungry, that my eyes are always bigger than my stomach

Visually organized collections of things

Double double protein style burger from In N Out. Jesus Christ!

When someone sits in a way that I can see the soles of their shoes

Riding bikes and neglecting the seat as much as possible, to imagine what it would feel like if I could fly with absolutely other purpose than to be able glide

My label maker. Pushing the trigger to imprint every letter is SO satisfying

Blaming my hair for unimportant mistakes of which I don’t care to explain

Honorable Mentions:

  • Dog dreaming noises
  • The crackling loop of a record
  • When Alex refers to me in diminutives
  • Tove Janssons Moominpappa characters
  • Debilitatingly good back rubs
  • Pouring hot water directly onto a tea bag
  • Getting under newly washed sheets and freshly shaved legs
  • Being luck enough to see Refused play in San Francisco and New York within the same week
  • The taste of something healthy after you’ve eaten far too many sweets
  • The first day in a new bra
  • Warm poptarts
  • Going to see Texas Chainsaw Massacre in the theater
  • Single serving ice creams with those cute yet unusable spoons
  • LP’s that come with mp3 downloads
  • Having some of my photos up for sale on Zerofriends!
  • Imagining how much more fun it would be if the Occupy movement was more like the fight to keep the community center in Breakin’ 2
  • A dry sponge in the sink just waiting to be expanded by the hot suddsy water that I’m inevitably about to feed it
  • Alexs grandma for calling me a “skinny little thing” and putting a snake in a choke hold
  • Singing the Jigglypuff song
  • Getting film back from my favorite developing place in the city
  • Saying the words “hiccup” and “cherry coke”

Oh Joy!

22nd September 2011

Going on photo adventures

Finding photo booths, in the process

Animal kisses

Fat suspenders

my office space

Everything that the word MAC is abbreviated for

Learning more about toy cameras (thanks to Derek Woods)

Making the people I love smile

My grandmothers always well manicured hands

Polka dots; writing on steam; parallel parking challenges

Smuggling vitamins around like drugs

Driving alone though the country side and stopping to hang out in random places that I never could in the city. Like cow pastures!

Doing cartwheels down rows that appear endless.

Seafoam green and bright red

Chucking flowers at people in the park

Drawing Freddy Catguer where ever markers and paper are available

freckled faces

Charlies response to people that talk to her like a baby.


2nd September 2011

Let me tell ya, trying post on your blog from the wifi that you pick up from sitting on a bus stop bench, is about as difficult & time consuming as it sounds. So although this post should have gone up yesterday, it didn’t. Ooops.

I consider New York City my home. As in, the entire city. The bus stop is my office and the subway is my playground (as shown above). I’ve really loved the past couple of months of traveling and coming back to New York. Here’s some other things that have kept me happy, recently:

Watching my favorite movie, on the beach

Always knowing were my cell phone is

tiny zines

tiny photos

Puffy skirts, for they vaguely remind me of jellyfish!

Starting an armada of robots to abduct my friends for me.

Solid objects that resemble bubbles.

Drawing portraits of friends, with friends.

Having physical proof of my week

always having some type of camera on hand

Photo Booths!!!!

silly postures

Seeing ex-goth kids wear white

The look on the postal workers face as he had to write out my confirmation ticket

piggy back rides!

fresh doughnuts

Looking out of windows during rain storms.

Getting caught in the rain storms.


Wearing silly socks. I make sure to buy new silly socks every time I know I’ll have to go through airport security.

The color combination: red and blue

All photos were taken (and drawn on!) by Chloe Rice

With the exception of the top one & photo booths