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Citizen Canes!

29th October 2012

Old people are fantastic! In 5th grade, I joined a program called Adopt a Grand Parent, because I missed my grandma who lived 1000 miles away from me. The program was crazy. My original grand parent died shortly after meeting him. Then my substitution grandma and I were doing some arts and crafts when out of nowhere this old battle axe ”grandma” took the first cane she could find, lifted herself out of a chair with my pair of scissors and accused a man far too young to have ever been in a relationship with her, of cheating while holding him at…scissor point.

It was the coolest thing I had ever seen.

That entire story was just an excuse to post this photo:

(I didn’t take this photo but I wish I know who did)

Senior citizens don’t seem to care at all about most things, yet they are typically sure to be seen as well dressed. They are classy and crazy and look so cute when they use iPhones!