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Pretty Things from Comic Con

26th July 2013

SDCC Pretty ThingsThe last day of Comic Con was nearly a week ago, but I’m just getting home and starting to unpack all of my fun Comic Con loot! One of the things I love most about the San Diego Comic Cons, as opposed to other calmer comic conventions are all of the toy and art booths that only travel out for this one con. As a result, I got lots of cute non-comic related treats, freebies, and memories to bring home.
Pretty Things 1tiny happy hot bun / Mary Blair drawn record / exposed tummy cat crackers / laughs / Jermaine Rogers prints / fat duck fan
Pretty Things 2Rocky Horror record / Holbein art supplies / tour of the Adult Swim fun house / GeGeGe no Kitaro finger puppets / La Dubla zine / Jason Edmiston cd and stickers

Pretty Things: Bold Colors

30th June 2013

pretty things

I always love lots of color, but lately I’ve been almost craving bold color combinations. Maybe its because the summer make the grass that perfect shade of standard green, the sky the perfect combination of blues, and all I can think about is refreshing taste of citrusy lemons and oranges. If I could pull all of those bold summer colors into an outfit that I want to wear on a warm sunburn filled day, it would probably consist of all of the following items and a stick of pina colada lip balm.

shirt / shorts / shoes / handbag / bracelets / bathing suit / socks / watch / shoulder bag