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“What kind of lens do you use?”

12th March 2012

Every couple of weeks, I get asked what camera lens I use when I shoot.

The answer is that I hop between 3 fixed lenses depending upon the situation.

A fixed lens is a lens that doesn’t allow you to zoom in and out. I like it because it forces me to push outside of a comfort level of where I’m standing to get close enough to a shot that I’m happy with. For instance:

To take this shot, camera gripped hand was pretty much over this dudes head. If he had leaned back any further, I probably could have knocked him out.

shot with a 2omm

I LOVE the 20mm lens. Its usually what I keep on my camera just for everyday use. Its the most expensive one I own, and totally worth it. Its got a slight wide angle so it picks up a lot of light and a nice vignette

Its great for shooting most events in any light conditions especially if you want to focus on one or two things without loosing whatever if going on in the background.

Ithink the 24mm is good for getting the most straight forward kind of shots in general but perfect for head shots. It shoots with a very slight zoom and almost no peripheral vision.

shot with a 24mm

If you’re using it in good light, its great for shooting food, products, and people

The 50mm is the most important lens I’ve ever owned. Its amazing for everything. Especially when you’re learning about the ways that you want to use your SLR camera.

You can get one for really cheap, its a really light and compact, and it has the ability to make your photos look clean and professional even if you have no idea what you’re doing at first (with the help of the blur that it provides)

Its a pretty intense zoom lens that lets in the most light, which lets you shoot in really dim situations like shows, where you may not be as close to the stage as you’d like.

Its great for showing small details because it blurs everything outside of your focus point really well. Which is why I like using it to shoot texture heavy shots like food and sewing stiches

Its also great (if you can get far enough away) for shooting people when you want them and only them in focus.

shot with a 50mm

Meetings with Jeremy

21st January 2012

Have you met my friend Jeremy?

The day I met Jeremy, we got locked inside of a dark room somewhere in the Scientology Celebrity Center. We’ve been trying to find new adventures in new cities ever since.

Jeremy is one of the kindest people that everyone who will ever meet him will ever know.

Heres some other reasons why he’s rad:

  • He makes the best mixes
  • His job includes climbing amps and rafters on a nightly basis
  • His only tattoo says “Pizza” and looks like it may have been done in prison
  • He gets along with nearly everyone, but he does have two arch enemies. AC Slater and Kenan Thompson
  • He owns every Belle and Sebatian record ever made
  • Hes moshed underneath the Eiffel Tower
  • His 4 Square pages’ only check-ins at Arbys and Planned Parenthoods around the United States
  • He has an irrational hatred for vegetables
  • He knows the extensive history of Doritos

Jeremy tours for most of the year, so when I get to see him, its sometimes only for hours at a time. Last time I had such an encounter with him was at FFF Fest, in Texas. With his knee newly fractured, we gimped away from the dust storm of a festival to eat BBQ’ed meats and with the only markers in my pocket an the back side of a childs menu, I made him fill this out

Jeremy’s band, Touche Amore, is touring Europe next month where you can probably find him running between a stage and a merch booth or desperately searching for American food and flat water.

Meeting with Matt

14th January 2012

Haaaave you met my friend Matt?

Matt has the ability to start up a conversation with just about anyone because he’s genuinely interested in their story. Heres some other facts about Matt Novak that make him a fantastic person. Hes:

  • takes long walks on busy highways
  • Is Cee-Los biggest fan
  • Used to have a job that involved hiring flash mobs and keeping nothing but a single ladder in a massive storage room
  • Was never stabbed in his sleep
  • Uses rare books at coasters
  • probably knows more about the history of fighting robots, than you
  • has a way of making sadness not so sad
  • loves movies about making movies
  • makes an awesome bruschetta

I asked Matt to fill this out last time he let me occupy his couch, in LA. As I was writing it out, he was writing out something of his own for me to fill out, as well. A comment card asking how my stay at Hotel Novak had been.

In case you were wondering, my stay at Hotel Novak was fantastic experience and I highly suggest anyone planning on visiting Southern California to check it out!

Matt Novak is a fantastic writer. The bluntness and sarcasm that builds him as a unique individual, is neatly tucked into his pieces. Hes found a niche in writing about past predictions of the future and currently writes for the Smithsonian.

Meetings with Jim

7th January 2012

I know its the weekend, and you’re probably over the thought of having meetings forever, but have you met my friend Jim?!?

Jim Mahfood is a rad artist living in Los Angeles

Jim is keen on:

  • dancing in public
  • mastering the art of playing “Happy Birthday” on the miniature harmonica
  • nicknaming his friends
  • going on food adventures
  • seamlessly blaring hip hop, jazz, and old punk records loud enough to start a party in his neighborhood
  • making killer mimosas even though he seldomly drinks them
  • the theory that its better to go back and find old music, than wasting time trying to discover new bands

I thought it would be interesting to write up a vague questionnaire for the people in my life to interpret as they’d like. So, while Jim and I were catching up, scribbling in our notebooks, and devouring milkshakes at Swingers, I decided to see if he’d like to be the first person to practice my ap-pal-ication idea with.

(side note: Jim typically refers to me as the Otter)

Along side making toys, comics, tagging bar interiors as a job, working on Tank Girl (!)and being an all around amazing friend, Jim also co-hosts The Beat Bees Sessions with Jane Dope! Its a podcast with the perfect mix of conversation and music (some of which is taken straight from my mixes. mmmmmhummmm)

All photos by Chloe Rice

Its Questionable…

20th October 2011

My Tumblr page had an “ask” colum where I  recently received some questions (and extremely flattering compliments!)

neverforgetdreams asked: I love your photos! Do you have flickr?

I do! I’ve had a Flickr account for several years and my favorite use of it has been using it to make collections of my “how-to” photo projects.

You can check them out here

Wiki Petterson asked: I’m sooo in love with your friends, so nicely photographed !

Thanks! I am SO in love with my friends. They’re amazing and inspiring and they’re all fucking gorgeous! I am so in love with them that occasionally, while taking their photos, I will propose to them then capture a photo of their reaction.

I hedged my bets once and tried proposing to three friends at the same time and caught the perfect shot of how the response usually goes…

Geesebump asked: I love the graphic design you incorporate into your photography. Do you use illustrator?

Thanks! I started out using scented markers on my monitor, but when I realized that wasn’t quite working, I resigned to wiping off my computer screen and using mostly Illustrator, instead.

Although, I try to stick with my favorite medium as much as possible. Sharpies and nature.

Anonymous asked: hi,chloe! where do you get your polaroid 600 film?

When I heard Polaroid was going under, I bought and looted as much flm as I could get a hold of. Since I travel so often, my friends with eating disorders are always kind enough to let me keep my stacks of film and Diet Pepsi in their otherwise empty refrigerators.