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New Year Resolved

31st December 2013

year_end_1I was going to do an end of the year post, but I’ve decided to not look back.

I was going to write down a list of resolutions for 2014, but resolutions are only good for remembering what you did differently for the first couple of months of the year, by the end of the 12 months.year_end_2

All in all, my upcoming goals are modest and simple, this year. Besides working toward a clearer visual identity for myself, I’d like to accomplish the following:

  • Clear out my closet of oversized band shirts and invest in more good quality, bright and simple pieces
  • Find a weekly fitness routine that I love (hello again, NTC)
  • Continue making our house a home


Post New Year Post

3rd January 2013

Happy new year (or new bear)!!!

Although theres nothing that feels too different about 2013 yet, celebrating it is fun because it makes people reflect and think up ways that their lives can be even more exciting in a mere couple of months! And although new years resolutions are rarely brought into fruition, I love the idea of having them. Goals are pretty neat…

Every year, I’ve made a list of things, both silly and serious, that I would like to accomplish. This year, I started jotting them down in a brand new composition book and I’m really excited about starting to cross things off of that list!My goals for 2013 include:

  • Send postcards when I come across them
  • learn to sew a zipper
  • learn how to use Illustrator
  • make an awesome soup from scratch
  • learn to draw a brain
  • visit a brand new city
  • mark an average day, as one worthy of a special occasion
  • learn a new recipe
  • learn a new trade
  • don’t come in last at bowling
  • make a portrait of someone using construction paper
  • eat something green, everyday
  • write out my favorite part of my day, at the end of it
  • learn all the words to a rap song
  • wake up early enough to watch the sun rise
  • sleep outside at least once
  • make a video using a digital camera
  • dedicate a day to taking a photo an hour, once a month
  • save up for something I’ve really wanted
  • customize a pair of shoes
  • write a letter with my left hand
  • discover a hidden treasure
  • do a cartwheel in a different country

I’m really excited about both the present and the future!

How about you??