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19th January 2013

On New Years day, I became transfixed with watching the Kofy 80′s themed dance party marathon. I can only explain this as Kofy ,the local Bay Area TV station, cruises the streets of Oakland seeking out the confused street walking leftovers from the Occupy movement and invite them into the studio to pretend to dance, while in silence. Then they play “It’s a Cruel Summer” over the footage and feed it to me for cringing pleasure. I call it a marathon, but I actually think it was just one really long hour.

I thought that was the most amusing thing that Kofy had to offer. That was until I was informed that right before commercial breaks, Kofy shows off dogs watching tv.

Hence Goober. My favorite bay area celebrity pup since Chance from Homeward Bound 2.

I Google.

26th July 2012

photo of my googled brunch endeavors by Sam

If theres one thing that I’ve learned about myself this year, its that I LOVE GOOGLY EYES! I love sticking them on everything and giving them to my friends to help encourage them to see faces and personalities in inanimate objects. My most recent silly googly eyed additions include:tattoos

props seeing refuge
and friends!

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