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Inspir-Spring Mix

28th March 2012

The weather is only getting slightly warmer and I’ve already prematurely spent money on cute summer dresses and time on some spring time mixes.

I thought I’d share one that makes me want to do fun spring-like things such as:

  • De-clutter my belongings
  • Play catch with my dog and see who gets bored first
  • Drive and make a left turn in hopes that it will lead me someplace I’ve never been

Download mix here


Phagwa not Foie Gras

13th March 2010

Gala, Krysti, and I welcomed spring by traveling out to the end of Queens, walked in a parade as the only snowflakes in the area, and got smothered in a sea of colorful talcum powders.

It was to celebrate Holi. An Indian word that translates to “festival of color”

The community would come up and cover you with these powder and water guns full of dyed water, and say “Happy Phagwa”

Due to my bad memory, I remembered the pronunciation of Phagwa, by thinking of one of my favorite meat treats, foie gras. mmmmm

Anyway, it was pretty fantastic adventure. The day became more amusing as we ventured further away from the parade and closer to Manhattan.

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