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Mondays are my favorite!

7th January 2013

Garfield and I could never be friends because I love Mondays! I love starting off the week with new endeavors. This week is dedicated to sewing in big sweaters and playing music over my beautiful Grundig that has finally made its way out of its moving box, after 2 years. Heres some sweaters and songs that I have been the most in love with, lately.

1) Super happy fun time sweater from etsy 2) yellow 2011 collection Jeremy Scott sweater 3) Brown wool coat from Etsy

1) Nick Lowe 2) Kaboom by Ursula 1000 3) Swell Maps

Pet Sweat.

4th March 2012

These sweaters from left to right are made by AcneFilippa K, and Acne again.

I wish I had more pets so that I could buy them big floppy knit sweaters, try to dress them up, have the revelation that imaginary pets don’t need sweaters (and although I don’t either, I’d still find more of a necessity for them than they would), then feel justified in keeping said sweaters for myself.