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Thank You

22nd November 2012

I’ve been having one of the most exciting and inspiring years of my life, and every day I wake up excited about what I’ve accomplished and what the future holds.

I wish I could say “thank you” to every person, place, and thing that makes me smile through out the day but I think that if I looked down on my shoes and said something like “thanks for staying tied, old friends!” I may be considered simply mad instead of happy!

I am thankful for so many things in my life. The following, to name a few:

To the feeling I get from finding a record I’ve been searching for.

Having overall good health.

The internet, for helping me remember peoples birthdays.

Feeling loved and appreciated.

The time I get to spend with my grandma.

Helpful people, phone reminders, and cheap tupperware that helps me stay organized.

Having the most helpful, creative, silly, caring, supportive best friend and companion in my life, every day!

Flipping a note book open to the exact page of notes I was looking for.

New York Public Access Chanel

My obedient adorable pup, Charlie.

Fresh coffee

Thick mugs that keep my coffee warm

Every hug I ever recieve

Airplanes for getting me anywhere I need to go.

Googly eyes, for being able to give everything a personality.

Thinking up a goal and achieving it.

Steal toe boots for keeping me from stubbing my toes all day long

Getting good access to great shows.

Big comfy sweaters for acting more like blankets, when I fall asleep on the couch.

Picking the line at a shop that I think will move the fastest, and it actually does.

Having hair that I can turn into fun colors

Being able to order burgers without buns, at In n Out

To four more years of feeling like my lady rights are being tended to, as an American.

Finding new materials to make forts out of.

My hands, for facilitating me to work and make hand turkeys!

Some other honorable mentions:

  • friends who let me know when I’m making stupid decisions
  • fully charged electronics
  • super fast laptops
  • automatic log ins
  • sharp scissors
  • Twilight Zone tv marathons
  • My Neighbor Totoro on a rainy day
  • white rooms with natural light
  • mild fall days
  • my family and I being safe through a hurricane
  • lavender soap
  • someone who laughs at my jokes
  • the fake laughter in sitcoms, when I can’t be around the real thing
  • the band Squeeze
  • gas stove tops
  • the amount of documentaries on Netflix
  • fresh laundry

How To Make a Helpful Hand Turkey!

21st November 2011

I love Thanksgiving! I think I fully realized this last year, when I first laid out everything I was grateful for. It was so nice that I began to do it more often. I wish that remembering to be thankful, was this easy for more people but I know that its difficult for most.

Last Valentines day, I made some lovely flyers to place around New York. So after a lot of hand turkey talk with my friends, I decided to do it again! Sort of.

I made hand turkeys and wrote out cheap and simple recipes for Thanksgiving side dishes, as well as the address to the Bowery Mission, which offers food and shelter for homeless people.

Heres how you can make some hand turkey flyers:

All you need is some paper, tape, scissors, and markers.

Take off any jewelry to avoid accidently drawing a turkey that looks like it has tumors.

Trace your hand, silly!

Draw your turkeys head, feet, and 4 bones per poultry.

Also be sure to write out things that everyone could be thankful for. If you don’t know any recipes short & simple enough to be written on the back of a fake feather, then heres some alternative things that I felt people would be able to thankful for, that you could put jot down:

  • Having never wasted time watching Lost
  • Knowing someones phone number by heart
  • Being able to walk in heals
  • Knowing how to tie a tie
  • Being ok with the fact that Coldplay was, is, and will always be “not for me”
  • Not being allergic to my favorite food

Then cut around the turkey and each individual bone.

Fold the four feather things back and forth once, making them easier to tear

Tape the bone pieces to the back so that they appear hidden, until someone plucks a feather!

Gather your turkeys and some tape and head out to help people remember that theres always something neat to enjoy about life.


a toast!

24th November 2010

Unirkey by Alex Pardee

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for pretty much every curve ball that gets thrown my way, and the people who are there to lovingly tease me when I fall and bruise. Here is a toast!

To good health. *1

To feeling loved from the people I love the most.

To my friends who keep me in mind everyday.

To subway carts that go above ground.

To the skill of sewing.

To making things in my head into things that can be seen.

To Trader Joes waffles with honey.

To a fresh pair of Docs and  warm argyle socks, when the seasons start to change.

To the perfect view from my front door.

To an appreciation of music. Thanks, ears!

To burgers made without buns.

To good finds at second hand stores.

To a year of memorable shows.

To Charlie, for being a well behaved dog

well…most of the time.

To people who can make my day better, just by being themselves.

To chocolate chip pancakes being considered a breakfast item.

To list making.

To always having access to a swing set. *2

To being able to see my family today.

Other honorable mentions: mild Fall days, PG Tips, my cozy little bedroom, milkshakes with Nutella, personalized ringtones, good roommates, huge windows in my apt, central park, netflix, a good wool coat, still having hair after so many dye jobs, steamed vegetables,  tits, condiments, being in a city full of good coffee and 24 hour bodegas, good books that fit in small purses, always having a charged Nintendo DS, still getting mix CDs, lavender soap, and owning a good camera.

I LOVE Thanksgiving because its just a perfect time to think of everything I love, to eat other peoples left overs, and to watch the parade in hopes of it falling on a very windy day. If you don’t care for thanksgiving though, thats fine too! Perhaps you will, at least, enjoy this poem.

*1: Photo by Bettina May

*2: Photo by Bee Jellyfish-Love

All other photos on the list are by Chloe Rice