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1st July 2014

oreo 2

Oreo and I worked together on a super fun project as part of their welcoming to Tumblr! They gave me creative freedom to invent a new way to eat Oreos, and I was elated to make smores indoors.

Whether you have agoraphobia or are trying to cope with a rained out camping trip, indoor camping can be a super fun activity!

Gather all of your house plants

chop up your empty paper towel rolls (a.k.a. bundle of wood)

drag your christmas lights out of storage

pitch your tent and grab some Oreos to make your own fun cookie camping creations!
oreo 1oreo 3 oreo 4


Its Questionable…

20th October 2011

My Tumblr page had an “ask” colum where I  recently received some questions (and extremely flattering compliments!)

neverforgetdreams asked: I love your photos! Do you have flickr?

I do! I’ve had a Flickr account for several years and my favorite use of it has been using it to make collections of my “how-to” photo projects.

You can check them out here

Wiki Petterson asked: I’m sooo in love with your friends, so nicely photographed !

Thanks! I am SO in love with my friends. They’re amazing and inspiring and they’re all fucking gorgeous! I am so in love with them that occasionally, while taking their photos, I will propose to them then capture a photo of their reaction.

I hedged my bets once and tried proposing to three friends at the same time and caught the perfect shot of how the response usually goes…

Geesebump asked: I love the graphic design you incorporate into your photography. Do you use illustrator?

Thanks! I started out using scented markers on my monitor, but when I realized that wasn’t quite working, I resigned to wiping off my computer screen and using mostly Illustrator, instead.

Although, I try to stick with my favorite medium as much as possible. Sharpies and nature.

Anonymous asked: hi,chloe! where do you get your polaroid 600 film?

When I heard Polaroid was going under, I bought and looted as much flm as I could get a hold of. Since I travel so often, my friends with eating disorders are always kind enough to let me keep my stacks of film and Diet Pepsi in their otherwise empty refrigerators.