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This Time, Last Week.

27th January 2013

Alex and I went on a day-te last Sunday. We roamed around Utah hoping to stumble upon some hidden gem shops or strange people to befriend. Thats where the Mormon aspect of the town really came forward. Everything was closed on Sunday, and it was far too cold for even the craziest crazies.

After a bit of aimless driving, we worked up an appetite and stumbled into the nearest open restaurant for breakfast. It was a glorious stumble.We ended up at The Copper Onion. A brightly light, rustic themed restaurant that was unassumingly placed practically within the movie theater next door.

The best things I got out of our trip to The Copper Onion:

  • BBQ brisket on a biscuit with a fried egg and hollandaise
  • 4 dollar mimosa
  • shishito peppers

and seeing this face being constantly concerned with biting into a spicy pepper, within the bunch.

One Hour Photo: Utah adventure!

18th January 2013

9 AM: I challenged myself to taking a photo an hour, for an entire day. It happened to be on the day that we flew off to Utah to prepare for the Scumdance show!

10 AM: I was feeling like I had not yet really woken up, so I stopped into the airport Starbucks for a little pick-me-up

11 AM: Turns out I needed more coffee than I realized, so I tried my “little pick-me-up” shtick on the barista, who thought I was so clever, that she had to rename me!

12 PM: With my new name, I thought it would be a clevery joke to wait until the plane took off and give Alex a C cup. Dave caught on, and also handed him his D cup. What a boob! 1 pm: JOKES! I love Alex. I also love the little stirrer that came with this fancy adult drink.

2 PM: Around this point in my day, I lost an hour due to Southwests complimentary time travel service that you get from sitting in coach! However, I’m gonna overlook that and pretend its still 2pm, going on 3. I thought I had mentally prepared myself for the impending cold, after looking out onto the frozen lakes of Utah but I was wrong.

3 PM: It was an icy 20 degrees out in Salt Lake, but no one seemed to tell 2 of these three dudes.

4 PM: We were introduced to the most massive icicles we’ve ever seen. Still cold, by the way.

5 PM: I showed a real cute pup what I had made for the show, and she was excited to show me her art space, too!

6 PM: We snuck into Ikea to grab 100 frames for Alexs 100 paintings, for the show.

7 PM: We spotted the Ikea© Sasquatch running through the Ikea© forest, and left before he could attack us.

8 PM: I blacked out, so I don’t remember what actually happened around this time but I’m pretty sure a wall of the gallery got painted the same color of my memory.

9 PM: Alexs originals went from a stack, into 100 frames.

10 PM: Bilbo Baggins stopped by to help us set up, then told us it was probably about time to call it a day. I agreed.

That was my Wednesday! I spent it shooting and sewing up the final touches for my pieces in the Scumdance show (as photographed by Alex!) It opens tonight at Blonde Grizzly.

213 East 300 South

Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Come over and check it out, if you happen to be in SLC!