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31st August 2013

I’ve been pretty interested in magic lately. So when Alex and I were trying to distract ourselves from our hunger while waiting for our food at Swingers, I asked him is he knew any tricks of his own.

Turns out that he’s a master of illusions! He was able to make water fall from the glass and magically reappear with the help of his assistant, who also was kind enough to bring us some tuna melts.

Meet Lazy Pigeon and the Blind Chauffeur

6th May 2013

I recently started trying to get the hang of the Vine app. I hated it for a while, but now I think we’re becoming friends. The restrictions of trying to make something cohesive within a 6 second time frame, drove me crazy at first.

Then after getting a bit stir crazy on a recent road trip from one edge of California to the other, I started using Vine to record the slightly spastic antics of my friends, Lazy Pigeon and the Blind Chauffeur!

How they get anything together, is just beyond me.
Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7


19th January 2013

On New Years day, I became transfixed with watching the Kofy 80′s themed dance party marathon. I can only explain this as Kofy ,the local Bay Area TV station, cruises the streets of Oakland seeking out the confused street walking leftovers from the Occupy movement and invite them into the studio to pretend to dance, while in silence. Then they play “It’s a Cruel Summer” over the footage and feed it to me for cringing pleasure. I call it a marathon, but I actually think it was just one really long hour.

I thought that was the most amusing thing that Kofy had to offer. That was until I was informed that right before commercial breaks, Kofy shows off dogs watching tv.

Hence Goober. My favorite bay area celebrity pup since Chance from Homeward Bound 2.