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Jackie And Spencers Wedding

16th November 2011

Right as the seasons began to turn, I went up to a wine vineyard in Gardiner, NY to shoot Jackie and Spencers wedding. Everything about the wedding was beautiful, simple, and classic with small touches the DIY couples roots dispersed through out the set up, to show how unique their style really was.

Top row: Mason jars were painted with chalkboard paint, filled with flowers and placed on all of the guests tables as a marker to find their table. My favorite thing about this, was that at the end of the night, guests were encouraged to take the already packaged plants home.

Bottom row: Instead of presenting his vows to Jackie on a slip of paper, Spencer made a zine and read it to her during the ceremony. Each page of the hand sewn book included a vow, alongside a photo of them through out their relationship

The area where the wedding was held, was stunning. It was on a well manicured, spacious, open field surrounded by rows of grape vines. The property was a 10 minute drive down a narrow curving road that was lined by trees and mountains. I didn’t even know New York HAD mountains before that day.

It was difficult to believe that I was only about two hours outside of the city, and not in the English Countryside.

All of the catering was vegan; instead of exchanging rings, Jackie and Spencer got matching heart tattoos on their ring finger. When the time came, during the ceremony, to exchange rings, they used that time to make all of their guests give each other hand daps!

The best (and only) cake cutting wrestling match I’ve ever seen

The wedding really could have also doubled as a Fred Perry ad campaign

The bartenders, servers, and live music was all supplied by personal friends which helped keep the atmosphere really warm and inviting.

When the night began to wind down, the bride and groom didn’t immediately drive off to a suite somewhere. Instead, Jackie changed out her heels for her Frye boots and they both drove into the mountain with their friends and all the left over booze, to go camping.

I’m so glad I got to be part of this wedding!

All photos by Chloe Rice

A Darling Little Wedding

7th October 2011

Gala and Mike got married over the summer.

About time! (For the wedding AND the post about it)

The style in which the wedding was held was very “Gumba”, as Mike would say. Close family and friends came to the Brooklyn Bridge park where a short service was held, eyes watered up, Johnny Cash was quoted, and celebratory¬†Cheerios were thrown. After, we all walked over to Grimaldi’s, where the bride and groom cut the pie.

It was a really cute wedding and I’m so happy I got asked to shoot it.

What I love most about Gala is her attention to details. She has a way of taking something very elegant and accentuating it with her unique and tasteful touch. Heres some shots of what I’m talkin’ about